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Sabbatical or So Long Forever?

Alison Bechdel posted this farewell mini-documentary. As part of my procrastination process I watched them (parts 1 & 2) through twice. Didn’t think I would miss a cartoon strip so much–withdrawal symptoms showing up…

Did a ‘paced’ practice today–staying with the breathing I didn’t attempt any of the chakrasanas which generally take me an hour or two to ‘focus’ myself over. Likewise my balance poses were mostly skip & swerve (But maybe that’s because Alison Bechdel is going on sabbatical) but yes–got through primary series in just under 75 minutes.

Had a tough time on the phone fending off professors & video jobs till after end of June, felt both guilty (why aren’t I doing more?) and resentful. Doesn’t anyone understand ’emergency’ means your cat is sick/there’s a body in your backyard/my car’s on fire, not you want to talk about ‘ideas’? (But maybe I’m just jumpy & irritable because Alison Bechdel is going on sabbatical)

I want to post a decent word count on ‘Fess Up Friday so I really should get down to finishing off my chapt 2 and starting chapt 3 but instead I’m surfing, listing down my food intake (agreed to list everything I really ate instead of what I planned to eat for some survey)
So far:
Breakfast: Mushrooms on wholemeal toast, fried tomatoes, coffee
Morning Snack: Wheatgrass & Veg juice, macadamia nut bar
Lunch: Ginger Tea, a whole mango (not organic), granola with frozen cherries & blueberries in soya milk.
Tea Snack: 2 Oat biscuits & black tea.
Dinner: probably brown rice, french beans, seitan, baby bok choy because that’s what’s in the fridge

What are they going to make of this? No idea.
Why am I writing about what I ate today instead of getting on with writing stuff to pay for what I hope to be eating in 6 months time?
(Probably because Alison Bechdel is going on sabbatical. And she procrastinates too–saw it with my own eyes on YouTube. And because I just realised that I was wrong in assuming DTWOF is one of the things I can take for granted because it would always be around… like grade school, primary series practice, the Great Singapore Sale… )

8 Responses

  1. jenny is NOT a vampire! Objection from official faeries & vampyres league

    & hey, I liked Michelle P’s look in 10 Rules…

    even if you don’t get to finish reading all your books cover to cover it’s like you’re at this fantastic buffet where you get to taste sample all these delicious meals that you may go back to later!

  2. Saw 10 Rules online (the beauty of Youtube) Liked it a little less than Exes & Ohs – probably because Michelle Paradise had bad hair and no dress sense in 10 Rules. And no Marnie Alton.

    Marnie Alton is the hottest thing on the show. And she’s very funny in interviews.

    So glad they are picked up for Season 2. 🙂

    I don’t get this thing about dating people that look-alike bit. Everytime I see that, I go, “It’s like she’s dating herself.”

    The L WORD:

    Unknown to most people, Jenny is actually a vampire. She writes at night when most people are unconscious.

    But back to realism – no way a story where Jenny rewrote all her friends will be accepted by the editors at New Yorker. Apparently New Yorker has a rule (according to AM Homes) you have to write the characters so that they are not recognisable even to themselves – lawsuit and libel issues.

    Thanks on the comment on the library haul – but now I wonder if I can get through the books before they are just for return.

    Blogger and WordPress sometimes just don’t like each other. I get that too – sometimes WordPress don’t allow me to comment. 😦

  3. darkorph–tried to post a comment on your stack of books post twice but your site keeps rejecting me! (& i hate rejection *whine*)

    anyway your books look DELICIOUS happy reading!

  4. Oooh agree with Exes & Ohs… have you seen 10 Rules (for being a lesbian)? Also Michelle Paradise, also as ‘Jennifer’ wannabe filmaker.
    V funny & very true too–esp great when the 2 lookalikes come on right after ‘lesbians do not all look alike’ & the ‘rule’ that everybody in your group of friends ends up dating everybody else in the group… have been there, that’s why know it’s really safer to stay out of groups!!

    & yes–I also have difficulties with The L Word’s trying to present serious issues clumsily. Would like it more if it was just glamour soft-porn… (would prob love it. Then wouldn’t have to deal with how could a creature like Jenny S write bestsellers when all she does is go around weirding, whinging and never writing!!!)

  5. I love the way Bechdel structured the chapters of “Fun Home” to literary classics. It was very well done. Read the whole thing in one sitting. 🙂

    My favourite part of Fun Home was the Proustian chapter – where her dad was reading Proust before he died. I was reading Proust at that time too, so there was an emotional resonance. Especially this:

    “Was that a sign of desperation? It’s said, after all, that people reach middle age the day they realize they’re never going to read Remembrance of Things Past.”

    The L Word – well, Irene Chaiken worked with Aaron Spelling (and she wrote Barbed Wire, for goodness sake) – and nobody complained (too much) about how good looking the casts of Melrose Place, 90210, Savannah etc were.

    They were soap operas and people who watch soap opera want the eye candy. It’s about fantasy. No need to be too realistic.

    And they needed the ratings, which means you had to get the largest market for lesbian porn to watch The L Word — which unfortunately are straight males.

    Every time one of my straight male friend “discovers” The L Word, they get all worked up and excited – it’s so predictable it’s boring.

    My only real complaint about The L Word is when they try to be “political” and then make a mess out of the issues because of bad writing, or because they didn’t really think things through.

    If you’re writing a gratitutiously porny lesbian soap opera – at least have the audacity to BE what you are. Don’t pretend to be social drama when you are half-hearted about the issues you raise.

    Now, Exes and Ohs – I love. It’s a comedy but it’s more sincere and real than The L Word.

    Oh, paiseh. LOOOOONG post. It’s the weekend and I was spending too much time watching Exes and Ohs on Youtube last night.

  6. Yes! I loved/still love Fun Home!!!

    & yes–DTWOF was very ‘American’ but it felt authentic American. Like even though it was comic ‘soap opera’ I could recognise character traits in people around me. And it was so different from the glossy image of something like L Word because you got women in all shapes & sizes worrying about income/getting tenure/adapting to partners with kids/your partner’s long phone conversations with someone else…

    But yes–I still have Fun Home…
    Actually that’s so much ‘better’ perhaps because ‘real’ & unlike the strips not produced under weekly deadline pressure.
    Yes, I love Fun Home. Thanks for cheering me up.

    & thanks Kirsten–I’m nosy too (very very very nosy, actually), but prefer to call it being interested/doing research…

  7. Was also going to recommend Fun Home to perhaps lessen the withdrawal symptoms somewhat. And there’s always rereading old DTWOF. Not the same, I know, but still….

    It might be kinda weird of me, but I rather like seeing what people eat. Just nosy that way. 😉

  8. Have you read Alison Bechdel’s “Fun Home”? I love it.

    DTWOF was a little too American for me though.

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