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First ‘Fess Up Friday

Yes, the more I’m trying to meet deadlines (even/especially self-imposed) the more I find time to do stuff like log on 2 posts a day…

But Yes!
This week (starting on Tuesday when I signed on) I’ve put in 5040 words to Deleted Lives…

Of course this is still the first ‘vomit draft’ that’s why I can do word counts.
It’s also sort of a 3rd rewrite, but since I’m changing POV to first person (small change to plot, gynormous earthshaking change to type script) I’m going starting from scratch yet again yet again yet again…

But the weekend is here! Tomorrow I’ll switch to working on Q & A for the book of plays!!!


2 Responses

  1. Hi LitKit, sorry your comment took so long to appear… got stopped by spam filter & I only just saw the ‘query’ mark!
    10 min is better than nothing. I did nothing today… except take scripts out of a file/put them back in a file/take them out/& spend 45 min editing something I later realised was not being included…

    But it’s a beautiful day!

  2. I vomited for about 10 minutes.

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