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Write Intentions

Intended to spend the whole day blissfully immersed in typing in notes I spent most of last night scribbling out… even cancelled luncheon with sweet Yish so as not to have to break off halfway…

Instead for the last 2+ hours I’ve been on the phone (speaker) transcribing interview notes for the Eusoff book…

But no regrets. Especially as one of the ‘subjects’ on the line, dear Proffy (Prof Wong Hee Aik) was actually Head of Biochem at Med Fac at the time of my ignominious departure. I had thought (hoped) by now I would be safely forgotten by all who were there then, but in fact she was really sweet about it, even remembering a poem (I don’t remember!) called ‘Sea Shells’ which I wrote in lieu of an exam essay–she kept a copy she said, and it was about how most people do not appreciate the beauty of shells till they are dead, live ones are only to be gutted & eaten.

Apparently there was more of a to-do then I was aware of at the time. She as Dept Head only saw my paper because of an inquiry after a tutor protested the results; that I could not have failed since I should have passed without studying based on class work.

Ha–so I did write poetry once, if only during exams!

But now–back to work. This morning’s writing doesn’t count towards the book, sadly. Plus I’ve decided to ‘give up’ on the International Playwriting Competition (due date 30 June) in spite of my great idea & character & movement roughs already done for ‘Burning Mamas On Mount Faber’ because there’s just too much to do and too little time!

But yes, will press on with the NOVEL (now titled Deleted Lives)
With the OTHER BOOK (now titled Man Groves In The Lion City)
With the PLAYS BOOK edits & Q & A (now titled either PLAYS WITH WOMEN or HITTING ON FAT VIRGINS IN TREES and other plays)
And I should should should spend some time to take a look at the Eusoff book to come out in August

And I really want to do a practice today! It’s Thursday so I can actually hop over to James’ shala & do a noon time mysore…

2 Responses

  1. […] 29, 2008 by Kirsten Today Ovidia mentioned that she’d once written a poem in lieu of an essay exam. Not exactly the usual thing for a […]

  2. Heee! Love, love, love that you wrote poetry during an exam!

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