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Lotus Sitters

Got in 600+ words & took a 90 minute break to do an ‘easy’ practice (skipped a couple of jump backs between different sides). It was great because I was in the big front room with the rain just starting to come down outside; only the modesty curtains were drawn and every now and then a light spray would blow in. Surprisingly my balance was good, even though I was looking at all kinds of stuff–trees and sky outside, disgruntled cat looking at me in perplexity & cross because of the thunder… perhaps all the external things pulled my attention from my inner soundtrack of ‘I’m gonna fall over’ ‘I can’t do this the way I’m supposed to’ ‘I know I’m not aligned’ ‘the gods will know & wreck vengeance on me because my feet keep touching down (still!) on attempted float throughs’ etc etc

Cooling down now, while lunching on 2 steamed corn cobs & a bowl of granola-yoghurt-blueberries…

& thinking about how many people I know are into both yoga & writing… which led to ‘The Lotus Sitters’ we people who are looking for or working out some elusive meaning/centre for ourselves whether through focusing on breathing through a practice or sticking our asses in front of hungry sheets or screens.

Okay, it’s corny I know. Blame it on my lunch. Next time I’ll try to remember not to cool down in front of the computer!


2 Responses

  1. Sweet Gartenfische, you are my ideal ‘Lotus Sitter’!

    P.S. I know–found it puzzling too till looked up the tags on March Wedding… blueberries, curtains, lotus, yoga & yoghurt… (either wedding prep or honeymoon plans?)
    Just shows it’s not what we write but how people classify it that counts!

  2. Lotus Sitters! Aw, that’s cute. I wanna be one.

    P.S. These automatically generated “possibly related posts” that WordPress is doing now are a little weird—I can’t for the life of me see how March wedding relates to your post! Oh, maybe they ate steamed corn. Or maybe they sat on lotuses.

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