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Foreign Domestic Helpers

You don’t have to live in Singapore/employ a domestic worker to be concerned about the conditions many of them are working under here… getting one day off a week once a week or once a month won’t cover everything but it’s a start!
While I don’t employ a foreign domestic worker myself, living on this planet in the same time & space makes me responsible for their welfare.

There’s a day off campaign on now (see below) even though our law has decided one day off a week to rest is too much for foreign domestic workers to expect.

Please take a look and add your name to the supporter list like I’ve done?

A campaign has been launched in Singapore called Day Off which aims to encourage employers to give their domestic workers a regular day off.

One of the main tools of the campaign is the website dayoff.sg, which offers tips on giving your domestic worker a day off.

It also addresses many common concerns that employers have about giving their domestic worker a day off.

Even if you do not have a domestic worker, you can still demonstrate your support for the campaign.

Please click here to do so: http://dayoff.sg/support_1.shtml

You can also help to spread the word about the campaign by forwarding this message to your contacts.

Giving domestic workers a regular day off is a decent labour right, and the right thing to do.

Please visit http://dayoff.sg to learn more.


2 Responses

  1. Oh I agree, Jo!! But I just can’t see how to ‘ensure’ what you think normal human decency would take care of.

    Some of our local employers seem to have the attitude that they have paid for the ‘product’ and they have to squeeze all the work they can out of her to make it a good deal for them.

    Did you see how, in today’s forum page, the Jennifer Chan (Ms) who wrote in before fussing that she should not have to pay the medical bills for having her maid’s ovarian cysts removed (she thought a maid earning $300 a month–after paying back the 6 to 8 months fees handed over to the agent who brought her in–would have $3000 to spend on hospitalization) wrote in again today to demand if (hypothetically) she would be responsible for paying any fines of a maid who broke the law. She seems either very concerned about pinching her pennies (to cover what she pays her maid?) or intent on frightening all around her from every letting their domestic helpers out of their sight/off the leash.
    Maybe if she spent the time scrubbing her own toilets instead of writing self righteous letters to the press both problems would be solved…

  2. Actually i am not so concerned abt a day off for domestic workers, i am more concerned abt their working hours. I hv heard of domestic workers working from 6 am to 2 am full 20 hours work with only 4 hours of sleep.
    I think something shld be done to ensure proper working hours. Making them work 20 hours everyday is way too much.

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