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Mum-Housewife thinks she is worth more than $23K/month

This mornings ST Forum page had a Ms Aileen Koh writing in to say that Mum-Housewives are underrated at $23K/ month because the HR people who calculated their job worth didn’t consider they don’t bet Saturdays & Sundays off.

Who takes over looking after the kids and household chores on these two days? The reality is that a stay-at-home mum’s work is 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


we also don’t get breaks like those who work in an office to go where we want for lunch, meet friends or just have some time alone.

and there are the ‘additional responsibilities’ she mentions

A mother is also a nutritionist, etiquette coach, fashion and beauty consultant, discipline master, and health and safety engineer. She also functions as a nurse, playmate and entertainer

But most of these are functions I see carried out by more foreign domestic maids than homebased mums. Around here, anyway. And most of these maids don’t get one day off a week, let alone Saturday & Sunday–and many employers are worried and take measures so they cannot ‘meet friends’ or have time for themselves.

Perhaps those who celebrate themselves for having chosen to give up their high paying jobs (her former high pay was another point emphasised by Aileen Koh (Ms)) should get their $23K /month from the supportive spouses who have chosen to go into this challenge with them.

But first–we should have more appreciation & awareness of the contribution & sacrifices of the foreign domestic helpers here who have not had the luxury of choice, who have had to leave their own families (and often, children) rather than enjoy spending more time with them as our voluntary stayhome mums do, and who end up washing cars in the middle of the night and falling out of high level windows far more often.

I have to postpone my moving on from FCC for a week–completely forgot I told Jorg I would help with the reading of a psalm he’s written/reworked next Sunday. I did ask whether he wouldn’t prefer someone who’s long term committed but sweet guy he is, he says he’ll keep me in the group for one last time.

2 Responses

  1. no need?

    I agree there would be ‘no need’ for such legislation if people gave their FDWs one day off a week–but they don’t.

    And as one tai-tai (& very righteously christian lady) told me, ‘I take her out to shopping what. Not like she never gets to go out’

    SO going out with your boss and being ‘allowed’ to carry all the groceries is considered time out?

  2. Well… get this. MOM just announced that there will be no need for a mandatory rest day for FDW. I mean… wtf?

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