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My First Desmond Sim!

Just bought my first Desmond Sim!

Well, apart from the fact that the exhibition is still on & I haven’t paid for it yet…
But at least my new ‘precious’ has an orange dot on it, signifying it’s coming home to me once the show is over!

I’ve got a place for it too–in my study, which is the only room currently without a fish tank/turtle tank/hydroponic experiments (Des said ‘keep it away from water)–now I should really do some cleaning up in anticipation!

In case you go look at the exhibition, the painting I bought is the one with a tiny child with its back to the viewer, occupied with something. His mama, in full nonya regalia, is dishing out picnic goodies–baguettes, fruit, chicken curry with a tempting drumstick sticking out of the bowl… even if I can’t eat the stuff I can enjoy it nostalgically! And I love the little bunch of rambutans on the mat next to the child… it could be one of them he’s working so assiduously on! And the mat itself is one of the old time straw mats with a sewn in border that we all grew up with… the colours too are the colours you think about if you remember your childhood, when everything was not black & white but brightly black, white, blue, green, orange, red, yellow each in its own right & happy to be there.

There was another painting I coveted… but that was about double the price. That was more ‘end of picnic day at beach’ compared to mine which feels like the beginning of a picnic day. Plus it had a lovely cat & crab interaction in it!

But there’s hope for me yet. Keng Hock & Kenneth (who run Utterly Art where the exhibition was) said if I can live off their post-show snacks for the next 6 months instead of buying meals I should be able to afford it in six months time…


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