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Kids & Fish

D ‘lent’ me the Kid yesterday. Well, she was right here all the time for moral support (I needed it–the Kid seemed fine) but I did the walking up the steps with a tiny hand clinging to two of my fingers.

What is really scary is how trusting the Kid is. I’m a stranger he’s seen around his home or talking to D a couple of times but he holds up his arms to me when he wants to be picked up & grabs my hand (well, two fingers–all he can reach) to drag me to whatever has caught his interest.

In a ‘perfect’ world it wouldn’t matter because everyone he met would be watching out for every child out there, but here and now?

Okay, another thing that scares me is me, worrying because the Kid is too friendly rather than not friendly enough. Reflection of how deep rooted my anti-social tendencies are!

I showed the Kid the fish in the fish tank, but he was more interested in the ‘ball-ball’s in the sediment.

Obviously marbles attract human as well as fish fry.

So–instead of intro-to-zen-mind fish watching we ended up fishing out marbles.

After he settled down to play with 3 of them I suddenly remembered Small Objects Choke Toddlers & turned to D in a panic.

Did I really give him 3 of them? or did I give him 4 or 5 that he’s already swallowed? should I call an ambulance or rush him to the A&E myself?

Got laughed at.

“It’s okay,” she said, “he knows not to put in the mouth. But you better wash them,”

And by washing she did not mean dunking in the turtles’ swim tank but in the sink with clean (“no it doesn’t have to be filtered but use soap”) water.

How do full time (or even part time) Moms manage? After 45 minutes I was strung out & exhausted. And we didn’t even get as far as feeding the turtles, playing the piano or colouring with crayons…

I’ve finally got new curtains–red orange in my study & the music room, burnt sienna with lighter streaks in the living room & darker brown in the bedroom, with modesty curtains in the bedroom & living room.

Now, even with the trees gone, we can get natural light in the rooms without having to worry about getting dressed!

I didn’t practice yesterday. Have been writing/waiting for curtain guys/veg shopping all day till now.

Writing is good–I’m finally getting to the ‘click’ point & that’s very encouraging even though it means throwing out old carefully worked through notes that no longer fit.

But I have to put in at least an hour on the mat today… James wants me to do straight-leg jump throughs & the John Scott workshop is coming!


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the tip… if ever in that situation will just make sure they swallow fast!

    As for the license I agree! Used to think we should all be sterilised @ birth (okay maybe at 6 months) then after you decide to breed & qualify to parent you get your operation reversed… of course sexual sensations should not be compromised–just not tied to reproduction!

  2. Actually, long as they get the marbles all the way down the throat it should be fine. It’s only when they choke on it that you are screwed.

    They will pass it out later in the toilet.

    I agree – I have no idea how mothers do it. I watch my friends my age dealing with their children – and it exhausts me just watching them. It’s a full-time job, being a parent – and too bad you don’t need a license to breed.

  3. Thanks Kirsten–it’s good to know that. I was assuming if the Kid trusts me he trusts Everyone but it’s true I haven’t observed him with others.

    All the exhaustion comes with a huge morale boost though. Realise it feels incredible to have a child automatically turn to you for chocolate/marbles/pick up.

  4. I used to worry about the trust thing with my niece (who is almost three) until I realized that she didn’t actually trust everyone — just the people her parents introduced her to. She just has such a good memory that even if she’s only met someone once, she’ll recall that they’re trustworthy even if she doesn’t remember their name.

    And yeah, they’re definitely exhausting!

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