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The story Yogamum didn’t write…

Since dear Yogamum’s going with her story option #1, I’m putting down my version of what #3 could have been…

(sorry Yogamum, your posts triggered so many ideas!)

Why Ricky decided we needed to hunt and eat a squirrel, I’ll never know. But that was when all the trouble started. The fattest squirrels are over where the Vertical Ones live, and we normally stay away from them. Once we got through the fence Kayla got wind of what we were doing and decided she wanted to hunt squirrel too, so she came through as well. Well–Ricky and Kayla got into a bit of a tangle and I couldn’t figure out whether to try to sort them out or bite them both or go hunt squirrel on my own… but by then they were getting all knotted together and a Vertical One started taking photographs which is when Ricky and I decided to get out of there.
Kayla stayed on for a bit. Later she told us the Vertical One invited her in for tea and cookies and they agreed that if we never never hunt squirrel in that yard again, the Vertical Ones will never hunt squirrel in our territory.
Which seems fair enough, I guess.
Except Ricky never got his squirrel…


4 Responses

  1. hahahahha! this is hilarious! its like the b-side to YogaMum’s original tale. love it.

  2. I know! I’ve seen these little daredevil squirrels too–but it’s really difficult not to cross roads if you are a squirrel these days. Like there used to be yellow rambutan & mango trees in the lot next to ours along Pasir Panjang (now there are just earthmovers & all the green stuff is gone) & the squirrels used to come across from (I suspect) the woodlands around Prince George or even Kent Ridge Park whenever the fruit was ripe. In the ‘old days’ there was a green belt from South Buona Vista Rd right up to these trees but now they are gone, the squirrels were crossing roads all through the new campus & Science Park 2!

  3. Hee. I like your choice of the POV.

    That said, yesterday I was watching a squirrel risk its life by crossing the road. It was about a minute of anxiety, as it seemed like it was going to get squished by the cars.

    But it survived. So it was a good Sunday afternoon. 🙂

    Just wanted to share this.

  4. I love that — you wrote about my visitors!!! I definitely wouldn’t have thought of this version!

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