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Screwed up Singapore courtesy of Sunday Times

Stay-at-home mothers should be paid $23,000 a month if you consider all the jobs they do.

For the same ‘jobs’ we pay domestic maids between $350 & $550 a month. Home driver maybe $300 a month.

Total: $850, round it up to $900 a month… maybe even to $1000 a month.
why does stay-at-home mum get ‘entitled’ to $22,000 more?

Or why are maids (because foreigners?) & drivers (because mostly retirees?) worth so much less than our pampered stay-at-home mom-tai tais?

On parents not using child-seats in cars (more children aged one to 14 die from accidents such as car crashes than any other cause). M. Chew says her sons

‘are very active and will scream if I strap them into child seats.’


Her sons even play below the steering wheel area while she drives

and ultimately, if anything goes wrong?
Apparently parents blame the ‘

lack of brochures and public education on child seats’

in other words, it’s always somebody else’s fault. For not stuffing the available information I need down my throat.

First we grumble that there are too many rules and regulations here. Then we gripe that we need more rules–even things like child seats we want taken out of our hands & legislated into law.

Finally, in the face of rising global concern–sorry, I mean against the tide of rising global concern–the consumption of sharksfin went up last year. Singaporeans swallowed 472 tonnes of shark’s fin, almost 3 times the figure in 2006.

Yes, there are more conscious couples holding wedding banquets sans dead sharks but it seems the majority are going with–‘it’s for the parents’ (quoting Lew Wei Qing who claims to be against consuming shark’s fin but will have it at her wedding dinner). Again, passing the buck. Someone else’s fault/responsibility. I’m just the innocent bride to be/mom driver bedecked in diamonds driving screaming kids around without a car-seat don’t blame me for any decision that turns out badly.

It’s all someone else’s fault. If not because they didn’t inform me/make it law to protect me, then because

To quote Mr K. Vee, a 27 year old sales executive who is touted as ‘probably speaks for most people’

It is the same for the other animals you eat. If you see people killing chickens at the market by splitting them at the neck, do you stop eating KFC?


Well–sharksfin is supposed to be bad for the health too… maybe this generation of eaters will glut themselves to death.

So much for my attempt to start the week on a good note…

3 Responses

  1. I suspect a good deal of what goes into a burger isn’t always from the cow. “Fast Food Nation” was a great revelation, and I kept telling myself I’m so glad I’m a vegetarian!

    Then I have colleagues who keep telling me, the reason they refuse to read “Fast Food Nation” is because it will turn them off fast food.

  2. Totally agree. I mean I have nothing against people rearing chickens & eating them–provided your chickens are the running around scratching & exercising sort of chicken–but pretending you don’t know where your chicken wings or burger came from… (actually I DON’T know which part of a cow a burger comes from) feels just wrong.

  3. “It is the same for the other animals you eat. If you see people killing chickens at the market by splitting them at the neck, do you stop eating KFC?”

    I guess it’s whether you can deal with the choices that goes into killing the chicken. If a person can’t deal with the idea of splitting the neck, then they shouldn’t eat chicken.

    If they can deal though, knowing full well what’s involved, then fine.

    What I don’t agree with are the ones who are squeamish the killing, and so they look away just so they can feel better about eating chicken, or any other meat.

    That stinks of hypocrisy and deliberate “ignorance”

    It’s about taking responsibility for our choices, what you can or cannot live with.

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