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Response to DarkOrph’s comment

Because it got too long & I realised there was too much I wanted to say. So today’s 2nd post is dedicated to darkorph who just came out of hospital herself & asked alternative medicine? tcm? ayurvedic treatments that would work well with yoga?

I know–been trying to learn more about ayurvedic medicine/systems.

Problem is (no, shouldn’t call them ‘problem’) sweet Western doctors monitoring me said flatly ‘no tcm, no changing diet drastically’ because they’re concerned about fluctuating med levels in my blood.

Now I’m just eating vegetarian/macrobiotic/organic as far as I can & walking & doing yoga (which they permitted despite ‘no strenuous exertion’) but the crazy/great thing is, I’m doing much better than I’m ‘supposed’ to! Recently I met (in the waiting room–meet lots of people there!) a girl whose symptoms were ‘like’ mine when we first met a couple of years back. Of course our circumstances are prob very different but she’s having trouble walking, standing for too long, eating… I tried to suggest different stuff she could try but she just kept saying ‘cannot’.

I wasn’t even suggesting drastic stuff–just gentle walking in the morning sun (which is what I did when I couldn’t sleep because of new meds) & trying to get work in editing/volunteering because even if it doesn’t bring in much $, staying home all day thinking ‘I’m sick I’m so sick’ is really really destroying.

Even counselling/therapy was a ‘cannot’ because she doesn’t believe in such things. She wants the doctors to cure her.

& I could have been her! Last time we met I was jealous of her (yes, I’ll admit it now!) because she still had 2 functioning eyes & at that time I would rather have lost a leg than an eye.
Now I realise how well the brain adapts to signals that come in & I hardly notice it. & I am very very thankful both my legs are functioning!

I don’t know whether to thank God, thank yoga, thank macrobiotics & organic veggies or thank them all–but I do–all the time I’m full of thankfulness! & today I went for another check up that told me my eyesight (what’s left anyway!) is stable–in other words, I’m doing good!!!

No more excuses, I should be working–I’m so lucky to be able to walk around & work!!!

4 Responses

  1. I agree, gartenfische–gratefulness is a big big part of making life better!
    Sorry about your hearing Kirsten, but yes, I think that’s exactly the same feeling.
    Darkorph, I only met the girl a couple of times outside the clinic–once for a meal, once to get her to meet someone about writing work she could do from home. But it was not so great because even though we were meeting to talk, her mum came & waited around outside the cafe I asked if why her mum didn’t just come & join us but she said no, her mum wasn’t hungry. But even ordering from the menu was difficult because she didn’t like/couldn’t eat/didn’t know what was in the dishes. & then the meeting about work went not so great because what my friend had was an article & some photos, already laid out. What he needed was someone to read through the piece & expand on the captions to the photos… stuff like ‘evening view of the lake from the restaurant’ or ‘delicious dinner spread’ as opposed to ‘lake #1’ & ‘food #3’ but then she spent most of the meeting talking about how it was hard for her to work because the computer was in her brother’s room and when he was home (at night) she couldn’t use it. (And in the day? I asked) And in the day she gets tired easily and without someone to help her to operate the computer she doesn’t like to use it… (so WRITE out the captions?) She didn’t want to because it would not look professional & she felt people who saw it would look down on her writing.
    So in the end she didn’t get properly briefed on what they wanted, didn’t bring home the samples or the previous issues, didn’t get the contact number–& after I got the stuff to her & ended up doing most of the project (actually it didn’t take long at all) her mother said she should have been paid more & my friend was taking advantage of her because she didn’t know the right people!!!

    She’s about 40+ years old–or 30+ & looking sadly older–& her mum may not be around for much longer so I think it’s really important she gets herself ‘together’ but I don’t know how… or maybe I’m not the one to do it!

  2. What a beautiful post. Maybe gratefulness is actually part of the cure?

  3. So glad you’re doing so well, Ovidia!

    And that you took the slow-n-easy approach to getting yourself off the one medication. Have heard some cold-turkey stories from the medical professionals in my family that were thoroughly unpleasant.

    My hearing was damaged a few years ago — not gone, but lessened — so your joy and thankfulness at the stability of your eyesight is very familiar.

    That poor girl. To think that one’s well-being is completely out on one’s hands must be awful.

  4. It is wonderful you can still walk and your eye-sight is stable. Yoga is a wonderful gift.

    Maybe it is right to thank God for bringing you to the practice.

    But while we can be led to water, not everyone will drink. You deserve to thank yourself, for your faith to the practice. And for getting yourself out of the house so that you don’t fall into depression.

    Thank you for reminding me to be thankful. Suddenly this little delay at resuming my practice seems insignificant.

    But, the girl you met a couple of years back. I wonder: how is she doing? You think she’s okay?

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