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New Yoga Shala

Okay, I may have found myself a new practice ‘home’…

Today being a public holiday I went to a new shala for the first time.

Yes, I was going to try out classes at Stanley’s place in Mosque Street but heard that he is moving soon so that doesn’t seem meant to be…

Well, the Yoga Shala is at 14 Yan Kit Road. It’s a small dedicated space & I liked the feel of it, both inside & out. It’s been so long since I was in a class that it wasn’t surprising that my balance was completely off (had trouble seeing/walking up the stairs & across the room 😦 ) but I just need to get used to the space.

And I liked it!

Natural air, neither artificially chilled nor heated. You can bring & leave your own mats there.

In my first try out mysore practice today, Teacher James Figueira corrected some very basic things for me:

navasana : What I felt was a straight back was actually over arched forwards. Demonstrating what I was doing & how it looked, then how I ought to be holding myself, he had me repeat both so I could feel the difference & yes, it did make a difference. I’ve been feeling navasana in my lower back & thought it was because I was weak there. Now I feel it in the front–thighs & pelvis.

chaturanga dandasana: he had me bend my arms more & lower myself chest first. Up till now I’ve been trying to lower as a straight ‘plank’ with bent arms. This way, lowering chest first & further, gives me the beautiful graceful scoop & swoop up to urdhva mukha svanasa that I’ve never been able to achieve before.

Mysore there is 9am on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun & at 12 noon on Tue & Thur. I have ‘puja’ & work on Mon & Tue so no can do, but I’m going to try 2X week, perhaps working up to 3X after the worst of the marking is over?

Best of this place is, he’s very encouraging of daily home practice & said he’ll give us stuff to focus on when we come in.

So–I have left a manduka there. Is there greater commitment than that?

7 Responses

  1. I google it and found the instructions to some simple yoga eye exercise! Thanks !

  2. Thanks very much !

  3. Sorry Jo, I’ve heard about it but haven’t tried it. There’s a yoga for eyes dvd though–If I can get hold of it I’ll pass it to you?

  4. Hey ovidia, i recently heard from somewhere that there is a kind of yoga exercise for the eyes. It helps to improve ur eyesight. Do u know of this exercise? Teach me if u know! Heh thanks !

  5. Oh yay for you.

    I’ll have to pay attention to where I’m feeling navasana and try the chest first thing in chataranga.

  6. sort of peer pressure… other people were leaving their prized mandukas there… who was I to be the only non-trusting one?

    Besides it’s difficult to carry mat with you when you are starving after practice–which brings me to another plus point I forgot to mention–the food centre across the road has fresh fruit juices & a vegetarian stall!!!

  7. Do you mean you left one of those expensive Manduka mats at the shala? *blink*

    You must really like the place.

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