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Singapore Cops In Unwarranted Penetrations

Remember what PM Lee Hsien Loong said at the 377A debate (on why oral & anal sex between heterosexuals must be legalised but not any sex between homosexuals… personally I’m still not sure why it was so important to all those anal heterosexuals to get 377 revoked. I mean, it’s been a long time since this law was enforced so why not just penetrate in private instead of making such a big deal? You’re afraid such a law on our books makes us look bad? Backward? Archaic? And anal heterosexuals are in the majority here so their interests must be respected?)

Sorry, got sidetracked… anyway, in case you don’t remember what the PM said, here it is:

Stressing yet again that Singapore is still a conservative society that values the conventional family unit, Mr Lee said what’s needed is to ‘strike a balance’.

‘We will stay one step behind the frontline of change… Watch how things work out elsewhere, before making any irrevocable moves.

‘We were right to uphold the family unit when Western countries went for experimental lifestyles in the 1960s. We are right to accomodate homosexuals in our society, but not to encourage activists to champion gay rights the way they do in the West.’

His bottomline: ‘Let us keep this balance and leave S377A alone.’

Being accommodated in Singapore apparently means our private private premises are open to ‘spot-check’ complete with hand-cuffing, squad cars with flashing lights, id & passport checks… see Yish’s site for a collection of first person reports.

Is this the kind of ‘balance’ our government intends to promote? While selling our international competitiveness & casino space?

I wish there was some way to find out who authorized the ‘spot checks’ & what they were looking for.

In the absence of any excuses/arrests it looks like the police were there just to harass & intimidate.

Which means either

1) Our government (as articulated by our PM last October) considers the harassment & intimidation of gay people part of the desirable ‘balance’


2) The Police were acting contrary to the stated government line.

Now if our government tacitly supports them by keeping quiet/ignoring these incidents it shows we have nothing to gain by shutting up & behaving–because their idea of balance is to say the right thing in public (to the world reporters at least) while bullying those whose hands are still tied behind their backs with 377A


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