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On the show that earned the $15 000 fine…

The programme was first highlighted by a Bennie Cheok who wrote to the press complaining that “the absence of the opposite gender in the family nucleus will, no doubt, leave young viewers bewildered” and urged the broadcaster to “be more selective.”

In Bennie Cheok’s convoluted language, he/she is really saying it’s better to lie to ‘young viewers’–

“Children, gay people don’t exist”

I thought ignorance & ‘bewilderment’ in children/people was best treated with information & explanation.

To the Bennie Cheoks among us it seems ‘bewilderment’ is best replaced with blanket ignorance.

Please note the tendency of such characters to act on behalf of others–dear Bennie does not say he/she was ‘bewildered’ but worries about the ‘bewilderment’ in young children…

Apparently he/she either has no confidence in his/her ability to explain his/her values to his/her own children or has decided to act on behalf of everyone else & their children.

This was the initial official response to our favourite straw-up-nose lady who also brought up the episode (In parliament no less. When she submitted her application for the post of NMP did she see it as her calling to help Singapore’s people by increasing national blindness?)

In response, the Senior Minister of State for Information, Communication and the Arts, Balaji Sadasivan, said that the gay relationship was merely an “incidental feature” of the programme, and that Singaporeans would “need to take a balanced view.”

But now it seems that to our authorities ‘a balanced view’ of this ‘incidental feature’ carries a $15K penalty.

So this was to warn our media to never never never risk hinting at the existence of gay people?
(wait a minute–I thought we were opening up? Oh, I see… that only applies to gambling and sex shows–remember the disaster of the tired old “Crazy Horses’–because that brings lots of $$ in)

On the other hand, if you are a straight rich woman married to a straight rich tycoon you get to slap all the air stewardesses you want in Business Class on SIA & the court lets you off with a metaphorical slap on the wrist…

The lesson here is: We are a democratic society. Based on justice and EQUITIES.


2 Responses

  1. Hi gartenfische–totally agree! & children, even if puzzled by a situation, tend to observe, ask questions & figure things out.

    Then adults have problems when they can’t manipulate these kids into believing what they’re ‘supposed’ to if that’s contrary to the facts.

    Solution: to keep what they’re supposed to believe, Block out the Facts.

  2. The fact is, children roll with the flow much more readily than adults. Most children would just accept an unusual situation without a lot of thought. I doubt they’d be so bewildered in reality. That’s just an excuse.

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