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Singapore Sends (More) Homophobic Signals

The international press sees it even if we don’t…

13 hours ago
SINGAPORE (AFP) — A Singapore television channel has been fined 15,000 Singapore dollars (11,200 US) for promoting a gay lifestyle, the media regulator said.
MediaCorp TV Channel 5 was fined for an episode of a home decor series, “Find and Design”, which contained several scenes of a gay couple with their baby, the Media Development Authority said in a statement issued late Thursday.
In the episode concerned MDA said the host of the show helped a gay couple transform their room into a new nursery for their adopted baby and congratulated and acknowledged them as a family unit.
The episode, which aired in January, “normalises their gay lifestyle and unconventional family setup”, MDA said.
This was in breach of the code governing programmes which are available free over the air, it said. The code disallows programmes that promote, justify or glamorise gay lifestyles.
Singapore, Southeast Asia’s most advanced economy, maintains strict censorship laws.
Earlier this month, MDA fined a cable television operator 10,000 dollars for broadcasting an advertisement featuring lesbian kissing.
As part of major revisions of the Penal Code approved by parliament last year, Singapore legalised oral and anal sex between heterosexual couples but retained a law that criminalises intercourse between gay men.
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong favoured the retention of the law, saying Singapore remains a conservative society — with the traditional family as its main building block — and homosexuals cannot set the tone for the mainstream.
Abolishing the law could “send the wrong signal” and push gay activists to ask for more concessions, such as same-sex marriage and parenting, Lee said.

and 2 hrs ago–

Broadcaster fined after show features gay couple

Singapore’s state-owned broadcaster MediaCorp TV was fined £5,500 yesterday for airing a programme featuring a gay couple with their adopted baby. The regulator, the Media Development Authority, said the January 13 episode of Find and Design, a hit home-improvement show, “normalises and promotes a gay lifestyle”. In the programme, the show host helped the couple transform their games room into a nursery for their new baby. The presenter congratulated them on their “unconventional family setup”. This breached Singapore’s free-to-air TV Code, said the regulator.
Ian MacKinnon

What is really frightening here for the homophobes in control (& by ‘control’ I don’t just mean in political power but those making middle management decisions & behind the scenes phone calls based on family, church & old school connections ) may be the possibility that a ‘gay lifestyle’ does NOT equal wild anonymous sex as they have been taught to believe.

Such a possibility would shake the foundations of their homophobic tenets because it destroys the straw demon they have so carefully constructed to terrify others into accepting what their prejudices.

If gay people are shown in happy & stable family units (remember the focus of this programme was decorating not fornicating) viewers may lose their fear of them… & realise gay people are just people who are attracted to, fall in love & form relationships with people like themselves.

And why would this be a terrible thing?

I really don’t know.

Maybe you should ask a homophobe in control–or the MDA… (same thing really?)


2 Responses

  1. although I realized this post was published like 3 years ago, I can’t help but feeling sad for the whole homophobia thing in Asia. And that’s the reason why I AIN’T GO BACK TO ASIA.

    • Well at least it hasn’t (yet) escalated into the gay bashing/ arson/ bullying to suicide reported in the US… much of our current official homophobia seems imported from American fundamentalist Christians. If that’s where you are be careful okay?

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