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Busy But Good…

Reading Twyla Tharp in an attempt not to be too rooted in one discipline…

Reading Rachel Rosenthal because my discipline is my discipline…

Love them both incredibly in different ways!!!

Am terrified of them both too!

Discovered I was too late to sign up for editing workshop organised by readtheselips because I’m probably the only writer who doesn’t understand how PayPal works (!)

But found an old Borders card with $69 on it & went to Borders to comfort myself!!!

Tried a yoga class at Cali Fit–Hatha 2. Interesting. Trying to figure out whether I can say I did practise today because I put in an hour on the mat… but it’s like doing Yin right? Getting on the mat is the thing. In some ways it was much more basic than an hour of ashtanga. In other ways–we did things that were definitely more ‘advanced’ than primary series–like camel & side plank.

I’m very happy I went, though. One thing not to be too attached to is one form of practice!

Still feeling a bit disconnected after Sunday’s sermon. Susan spoke on choices & why we are at FCC. Ultimately it’s a choice, it’s a group we choose to join. We should then recognise ourselves as a group of people who have made that decision.

It made me think how in Second Life (old addiction) & Facebook (current addiction) I spend time thinking about choices & groups & keeping in contact with people even if only to play scrabulous with them or send them ‘blessings’ but in real life I tend to drift into stuff then do my best to avoid them if I’m uncomfortable.

Online I would do a housecleaning & press ‘delete’ which is much healthier.

Twyla Tharp was even talking about names–what name would you give yourself if you could choose? Again online we spend more time finding names & tags that suit our personalities–choosing pets, plants, decorations–but in real life?

People getting married ‘to apply for flat’, getting pregnant ‘because don’t want to wait till it’s too late’… or by accident ‘because you know how periods are so unpredictable when you are breastfeeding,’ (I swear–she was going around telling everybody–not that anyone asked!!)

Okay. I suppose the equivalent is the ‘life gifts’ already named that people send you.
But then the consequences are a lot less serious if you go into things unprepared.

Actually I want to see how it would be if I take steps in the opposite direction & live a little More as though I was structuring an online life. ‘Take responsibility’, because doing so in real life always seems somewhat presumptuous (good little methodist girls should wait for what God & good men give them & not ask or expect too much)

Like Susan said, if I have joined a church by choice, it’s like joining an online group or team by choice–I should be thinking in terms of allegiance & contribution as well. This is not just a Sunday habit thing; it’s about a piece added to my identity and how my being part of the group adds to the group.

(Would you believe she was actually preaching on the Psalms 84? )

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