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Dog Dilemna

Walked a very nice 2 year old Jack Russell (called ‘Russell’ for a change, instead of ‘Jack’) at SPCA this morning. But ran into a moral dilemma on our return. A man was there, looking for the adoption area. He looked very poor (okay, sorry–I’m making a judgement based on clothes, cleanliness–just pointing out my impression) but gentle as he talked to Russell who was shy at first.

The man wanted to know if this was the place with dogs that ‘nobody wants’. I said yes. He said, then can buy one from here? When he was young he had a dog, now he is living alone, if he has a dog, the two of them ‘can be companion for each other’

I told him to talk to one of the fulltime staff but I know the money is going to be a problem (was $145 for a male dog, $155 for female–covers health check, shots, sterilisation, microchipping…) plus the premises check. And while I totally agree it’s important to make sure potential owners have the means & environment to care for adopted animals it’s also feels sad because sometimes someone who might not be able to afford that $$ or would rather spend it on food for himself & the animal is ruled out because of that. And then there are people coming & dropping off animals in expensive, fancy cars because ‘no time’ or ‘barks too much’.

And those are the ‘responsible’ ones. Others just drive them somewhere far from home & drop them off.

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