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Protest Olympic Sponsors

Now the Chinese are upset that the world doesn’t see them as living up to “the Olympic ideals of peace and harmony.”

For me it’s not just Tibet & Falun Gong (described by their China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman as an ‘anti-humanity, anti-society and anti-science evil cult organization, and was responsible for many cruel killings and crimes’ plus anyone who disagrees is accused of ‘abetting’ them & ‘smearing’ the Chinese government)

What gets me is more the animal abuse, the “lets dam these rivers for hydro-power regardless of the countries depending on them downstream…” attitude which led to the predicted & realised extinction of the baiji (freshwater dolphin)

But demonstrators trying to put out the torch won’t make any difference to the Chinese. And it won’t make any difference to them how many of us ‘boycott’ the event as long as they can write it up beautifully for their historical PR.

Now, the only thing that may make a difference to what’s happened inside China (and why is that our business? Because we live on the same planet in the same time & are therefore responsible & will be answerable) is if we boycott the Olympic sponsors.

Drink Pepsi instead of Coke; find green organic alternatives to all Johnson & Johnson products; if you eat at MacDonalds switch to Burgar King or–sorry, I don’t know enough about fast food–& get rid of your Visa cards… that’s just a start. Work down the list & get started–& let them know why.

No more Big Macs till Tibet is free (sorry, the dolphins aren’t coming back–still that will be a start)

Worldwide Olympic Partners Beijing 2008 Partners

2 Responses

  1. good for you! (re: Coke, I mean)

    problem is, won’t matter to them whether or not we watch them unless we make a point of not watching on Panasonic/Samsung TVs.

    does anyone know how big a sponsor McDonalds is? Like if I can’t go to demonstrate in Beijing would staging a mini-demo (or just not clearing up in my local Macs–leaving a note saying ‘you’re causing a bigger mess in Tibet’) do any good?

  2. Coke has lost its fizz with me for the next six months.

    I won’t be watching Olympic swimmers competing in the bloody water with corpses of Tibetans and Chinese.

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