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Dozy Days

Been spending a couple (okay, 3 going into 4 now) lazing in bed, watching dvds, walking around in shopping malls, sitting in cafes–okay, wasn’t just lazing in bed; had my computer on now & then to play scrabulous & feed my live gifts–even had to cancel dogwalking on Mon & a Tue meeting (no, I’m not sick, don’t worry) will have to do some serious catching up soon.

Managed to get yoga in most days, though. Almost complete Primary series today.

Someone just asked me, Which term would you say comes closest to describing you, ‘grounded’, ‘balanced’ or flexible’?

Seemed like no big deal a question but thinking about it, I couldn’t answer. Always thought I was flexible (okay, physically I’m a gumby) but in life & values? In relationships? There are some things I can’t stand–golfers & golf courses, illogical tangled sermons (much as I might love the speaker),  people who leave taps running… okay, so I’m not flexible.

Balanced? Believed I qualified as ‘balanced’ for a long time. Being good in both science & arts subjects while being able to swim kind of gives you that impression in school & it lasts. But then I’m the one with serious problems in balance poses (indication of deeper rooted imbalances, right?) And I have a sneaky suspicion truly balanced people don’t have so much trouble talking to their parents…

So–what about Grounded? After all I have pretty strong beliefs. I call myself a Christian (thanks to last Ablaze bible study discussion I find I am an ‘inclusive Christian’) but then part of me is agnostic (we can’t really know–faith is my decision to put my chips in a certain basket–because God or the Designer decided it’s best for my development/evolution/growth to believe this way in this life) and part of me is Buddhist and don’t forget the part of me practising Hindu chants and the part of me reading Muslim poetry… so how? I feel I’m grounded but I don’t know exactly what I’m grounded in beyond the process of discovering how and where to send down roots & send up shoots.

But it’s been a great wonderful few days. Walking through Harbourfront, we discovered a new organic shop (soft opening only) called Taste Original at #03-57, apparently they have another branch somewhere in Clementi.

I know there’s already the organic marketplace in the Vivo Cold Storage, but there you have to sort through organic/regular veggies to find what you want and it’s a very Western diet directed selection. At Taste Original I picked up organic soya sauce, ramen, sesame paste and–total indulgence–yogi tea & Badger Sleep Balm… not because I have trouble sleeping but because the dozy badger on the tin looked so much like something Beatrix Potter would have painted if she’d decided to go commercial!

2 Responses

  1. hi DarkOrph, thanks for the ‘grounding’ observation. I know what you mean–always thought I was more Pitta but now I think I’m more Vata-Pitta… & whether I’m more a Sattva Guna or Rajo Guna depends largely (sadly & superficially) on what I’ve been eating & what I’ve been reading!

    But I’m glad I thought about it. I don’t think it was really a ‘trick’ question so much as a sprawling around in bed talking to the ceiling question but yes–no right or no permanent answer. And yes–learning it’s okay to fall is something I’m working on.

    Yes–go look at Taste Original–I really liked it! But must say frozen foods section at Cold Storage Vivo is doing pretty good–they’ve brought in (in addition to Aunt Amy’s vegetarian meals) organic/vegetarian microwave snacks, vegeburgers and Linda McCartney vegetarian ‘sausages’!

  2. Another way of looking at the same question: how are you on the dosha? Pitta, Vata or Kapha?

    How are you on the gunas? More sattva, raja or tamas?

    Maybe the reason you can’t answer is because the question is a trick question? At least, I feel like it’s a trick question because no one can honestly claim to be grounded/balanced/flexible all the time.

    I think being grounded or balanced isn’t a static state of being. It’s actually an active state — we are always going to feel like falling. It’s how we deal with those frightening feelings of falling, and how fast we can reclaim our centre when we do fall out occasionally.

    Maybe part of being Grounded means learning it’s okay to fall once in a while.

    Thanks for the tip on Taste Original. Will have to check it out one day.

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