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Found The Missing Master Document

Anyone else just switched to Office 2008 for Mac?

I thought I lost my novel-in-progress (but no, I had all the individual documents…) thought there was something wrong with my computer/my eyesight/the lunar cycles…

But no–if you are switching to Word 2008 on Mac and are familiar with the old format, a few observations:

  • What used to be ‘Normal’ is now ‘Draft’
  • The ‘Help’ paper clip is gone.
  • Nice ‘Notebook’ view that crosses over into some other functions. Very fun, very distracting.
  • & oh yes–If you want to access your existing Master Documents:
    1. Click on your Master Document file
    2. Go to View & select Outline (I know, we used to be able to select ‘Master Document’ view right here–well, no more. Guess the developers don’t like novelists)
    3. At the right end of the Toolbar that now appears is a little icon–two rectangles inside a larger one–this little icon says ‘Master Document’ when you hover over it with your mouse.
    4. After you’ve clicked on this icon, another toolbar appears top left–this is the old familiar master document toolbar that allows you to expand & do whatever else you need to with your subdocuments.
    5. And then you can switch back to ‘Draft’ view to work on it…

      Great function I just discovered, though–the split screen icon that lets me view different parts of the manuscript simultaneously–& any change you make is made in the main document… really like having two pages open at the same time.

      Another note: I worked this out after tearing out hair/jumping on table/trying out (almost) every button on the screen… & started 7 Scrabulous games (called falling off the wagon, I think)

      But the Super Beaver turned up last night with a book (okay so I was screaming/ranting/growling around the office a little–just a little) Office 2008 for Macintosh The Missing Manual. It wasn’t available in Borders or Kino, he said, having called those places first & finally located it in the faithful old Clementi Book Shop (supplier to NUS) where they had 2 copies. And this book really helps. There are some really great improvements/extras, just not immediately obvious/intuitive to the human-interface…

      I’m not saying I want to go back to the good old days of starting up a word processing programme with a hand crank on a floppy disk, no no no, but a little help with the transition would have been much appreciated.

      8 Responses

      1. You so welcome, prototypo… I know what you mean–almost drove me crazy when I switched!

      2. Thank you so much! I had looked, and looked and looked (!) for the Master Document feature.

      3. Haven’t tries Pages. Actually you might be the smart one– wait till they smooth out kinks/ get a comprehensive manual out!

      4. I still use Pages.

        Have been toying with the idea of Word for mac, but with so many changes in my life, thought I could save this one for later.

      5. Hello Darkorph–saw you came through your operation okay–so glad!!! Don’t know about the char kwayteow stall, haven’t been back since the big canteen renovation… should go look, actually… do you need any nourishment for your recuperation?

        & Hi, gartenfische, I know what you mean, but dear bill’s been giving oodles to HIV research, so… have you read the gospel of tux & the ‘Gates’ of hell stuff?

      6. I use Neo-Office for the Mac. Of course, I don’t do heavy duty word-processing like you do, but I try not to support Microsoft.

      7. Yay for Clementi Book Shop.

        Wow. Haven’t thought about that place since I left NUS.

        By cross-association I find myself missing the char kwa teow and beef hor fun at the Arts canteen — The auntie who fries with the “bounce” and the old uncle with the single rotting tooth.

        Any idea if the char kwa teow stall is still there?

        This is off-topic, I know. 🙂

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