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End of March

On one hand it feels like this month went past really really fast & I’m wondering where did it go?

On the other hand, I did manage to get stuff down on paper–(well & into the computer), reconnect with some long-lost friends & meet a couple of new people who have been living on ‘parallel’ courses (we’ve been doing similar stuff, interested in similar stuff, fired up by similar causes… just never met up till now) & that’s very good too.

& though I haven’t managed the daily 90 min 5.30am practice, I think my practice as a whole is stabilizing. I’ve been reading more theory, focusing more on service & meditation & balance…

& I just found Louise Penny’s website! Plus she has a blog!  (For those of you who missed her Singapore visit & are still unaware of her books, this lady comes closest to being a contemporary heir to Agatha Christie… you’ll read her books first time for the mystery whodunnit, true. But you’ll go back again & again for the details & the human touches–the quirky irascible poet, the lovely flamboyant gay couple, the hesitant yet talented art photographer… & the food details are wonderfully evoked…)


2 Responses

  1. I did too–still do! My favourite is still The Hollow with Henrietta Savernake & how she moves on from losing a loved one at the end of the book by imagining her next work… ‘grief, in alabaster’

  2. Must check out Louis Penny…:) I did love Agatha when I was younger!

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