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Got up in pincha mayurasana for the first time (okay, I was up against the wall, my legs weren’t straight but hey–my first time!!!)

And saw I’m listed as a contributor in the next issue of ReadTheseLips— see

my stories aren’t online yet–but soon, I hope!

The other names listed are pretty awesome/terrifying though. I mean even with my limited lez reading I’ve covered Trish Shields (Soul Speak, Inferno) & Marianne K Martin (Legacy of Love, Dawn of the Dance, Mirrors) & omigod omigod omigod–Lee Lynch–remember Swashbuckler? & I must go find my copy of Old Dyke Tales & that one about the cafe–with the blind girl & the guide dog…

Now I’m getting scared about seeing this issue online. I mean these are writers I grew up reading/worshipping…. seeing the akan datang up is great because just getting mentioned on the same page is great, but what if my stuff doesn’t measure up & it’s like I’m there as the token Asian?

Heck it–if they’re going to have a token Asian let it be me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a long, lovely, lazy day though I thought it was going to be so busy–yes, I’ve been doing messy messy messy stuff with the worm farm but my lovely fat wrigglers are happy. I’m not sure my bedding is the greatest (old envelopes/cardboard/toilet roll tubes/doubtful quality ‘sphagnum moss’ from Indonesia rather than from peat bogs) but I figure worms are survivors. Put in dutiful morning visit to the Hall for opening ceremony that was actually very interesting–met the Provost & social enterprise adviser/inspiration guru Albert Teo who was actually very interesting–so fired up about making a change in our society here–


5 Responses

  1. Hi Steve & thanks, will go look it up for sure!
    & Hi Jo–have missed you too but it’s been really crazy busy–how’ve you been?

  2. Hey long time no see ! U disappear from us for too long.

  3. This is a good resource for worm farms…


  4. life is harsh to many but really sweet to me right now–hence my guilt complex/non-deserving complex/if-you-dare-to-be-happy-you’ll-regret-it-&-deserve-to-fall complex are all clamouring to take over… but yeah–savouring the sweet moment!

    & congrats on Sirsana!!! I remember the thrill too–remember it every time I go up actually, don’t think it ever goes away. There’s that magic balance point where you feel weightless–it also signals ‘danger’ (at least to me) because beyond it is overbalancing in the other direction & falling on VJ in class & on the clothes rack @ home… but up till then you’re using muscle but right at that point, suddenly you are effortlessly suspended and yes–so far every every time I get there it’s been Magic!

    It also means practice is almost over & that’s always good too…

  5. Yay for your pincha mayurasana! (can empathise the feeing because last week I finally managed Sirsasana without the wall. that little thrill at just being able to stay upright without support.)

    And yay for your stories. But I doubt they picked you for the Asian representation — probably because they don’t profit from it. You may just have to live with the sad fact that they actually liked your stories.

    Life is so harsh, isn’t it?

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