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Almost April

This is the first morning in over a week I’ve had a chance to log on the computer at 9am instead of checking in around/before 6am (any emergency mail? no? everything else can wait…)  and I’ve just realised March is almost over–

Okay, I’ve got ‘required’ word count in & vomit draft is printed, giving myself 2 days to read/correct/type/print/lather/rinse/repeat…

Got power & water turned on & passed keys of new apartment to Yvonne & briefed her on what’s needed. No problems there. From what I see, she’s prob got better idea of what’s needed than I do so will just leave things to her–found more ‘defects’ to report.

Went to bible study at FCC last night. Led by Nicholas–okay, this group was a lot more stimulating, in depth, interesting–well, even contentious… (at one point we all started getting worked up & Susan said ‘coffee break! coffee break!’ which calmed things down…) but after, while waiting for the lift, Jean said nonchalantly that she thought it had been very tame for such a fiery topic…

Why? Because nobody threw anything…

Things are good. Been meeting new people & catching up with people I haven’t seen in a long time–(& people I met long ago but didn’t get to know till now–)

I am desperately behind on worm bedding cycles & fish water change cycles & seed sprouting/lettuce seeding cycles/ can’t remember the last time I did a full primary series…

There’s a strange smell on the landing that means either a strange dog/cat has done a dump there where the bicycles are kept or some small rat/large lizard has died & is decomposing while being devoured by maggots. Noticed it last night at about 11 pm when I got in but was too tired to do anything about it (hey look, even driving home at that hour I was trying to locate & send out child psychiatrist contact no. & explain why I can’t attend Sat night gathering though yes, I do support court case–got a right to be tired, please don’t report me I was on hands-free mode) I’m stalling on the computer but I know I should go check it out…

But yes, things seem to be slowing down for a bit now & that’s very good. Not ‘on duty’ till tomorrow & I don’t go in till 8.45am…


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