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Eating My Words

Turned to serious retail therapy after posting yesterday–to me that means Mycofarm Mushrooms & 3 kinds of tofu, 80 bond paper (my printer was out), organic carrots & apples & real Bircher Muesli so I can dissect it & make my own… to more calls from Dr Seet & SPH people saying I should go (“I can’t get in the gate without an invitation & I don’t have one”) and someone would wait by the gate for me at 6.50 pm–Dr Seet said he wouldn’t go in & would keep his whole entourage waiting outside with him (he was bringing an entourage as part of his ‘look’) unless I said I would turn up…

Note that me & my groceries & heavy bond paper had got home & to receive this call at about 5.45 pm (still in garage), the rain was starting to come down & the rush hour expressway traffic was starting to pile up & SPH Auditorium is on the other side (well, North-Central, I’m on the South-West) of the island… and through all this I was still dumbly thinking they were keen for me to show up to give a quote because I had been raving about Haresh’s Good People (after all I saw it twice & was telling people it should win, don’t pass it over just because he won last year)

And yes, I got there only 8 min late (it was raining so heavily they left the gates open & I had no problem getting in) with no costume. But yes–my script for ‘Hitting (On) Women’ tied for Best Original Script with Haresh Sharma’s Good People!

Dr Seet said later that of course he’d known all along… but he never dropped a single hint! In fact it was because he was so calm about it I thought the whole ‘you must turn up’ was him trying to show me how to behave better in & out of theatre productions!!!

I don’t really remember what else was going on… Natalie Hennedige did great (Bravo Natalie! Bravo Sharon! Bravo Cake!) Pam was hosting & hilarious–I know Yish was around somewhere but didn’t see him…

… I heard him, though. Just saw his forum posting that the whoop I couldn’t identify came from him. When I said my final ‘thanks go to the Sayoni girls for all their support & encouragement (no, Jean & Yan–I did NOT mention the knickers), this is for them’–there was this shriek’ from somewhere near the front right (I thought) but with all the lights up front I couldn’t see who it was & was wondering–could it be Natalie? Didn’t sound like Karen… can’t be Pam, she’s next to me–wouldn’t be Sharon…

Should have guessed, actually–Yish–Thank you!


9 Responses

  1. thanks spidermonkey–for (both) comments… & for coming to watch the play!

  2. oh hey. so you did go then. Congrats on the win. I watched the play last year when on its Final night. Good stuff. 🙂

  3. Thanks people!

    (yes, darkorphy, got a trophy thing–plus a big red fan with my name & script name in case I forget either!)

  4. Congratulations, Ovidia!

  5. Congrats. Do you get a trophy or something?

  6. Hey, congrats.

  7. no no no no no no no…. how can I put that more plainly?
    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!

  8. WHOOP! CongratS! Hehehe. You should have mention the raining knickers. Maybe that’ll change the whole theatre scene. Love the production? Throw roses and knickers please.

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