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No Life! Theatre Awards for me tonight…

… because even though I keep getting calls asking me whether I’ll be going/what I’ll be wearing I haven’t actually been invited–

Adeline (reporter from Life!) who called a couple of days ago about my outfit & learned I didn’t know anything about when/where/what was happening was nice enough to get someone from Music & Movement (organizers) to call & ask me if I wanted an invitation–this was a couple of days ago–even though it was way past the ‘reply by’ date, if I wasn’t bringing a partner it would be fine…

Then this afternoon Hana from Action Theatre called to say that Music & Movement had called them at Action to ask whether I would be attending the Life! Theatre Awards Ceremony.

“When is it?” I asked her–yes, I knew it was tonight. So okay, I was being evil…

“Oh, I don’t know. Ekachai has the invitation–”

“Then I don’t know whether I’m going.”

“I think… wait ah–let me see ah–24th–oh, is today–(embarrassed laughter)”

“I don’t know where it is and I don’t know the theme, so I can’t go,”

“I can give you the address. The theme is Shanghai–Shanghai She–something… I can’t pronounce it, sorry,”

“I think, No. Better not.”

“So I tell them no?”

“Hana, why did they ask you–I mean, why did Music & Movement ask Action Theatre whether I’m turning up? They didn’t send my invitation to you, did they?”

“Oh no! The only invitations sent here are for Ekachai and some of the staff and cast members. Probably because they know you have done a show with Action before and they don’t know how to reach you,”

“Thanks, I just wondered,”

Please tell me I’m not the only one seeing either 1) messy organization or 2) I’m not meant to turn up tonight!

On the other hand maybe I’m just becoming a nitpicker in my old age!

No, that’s not true–I’ve always been a nitpicker.

(But in some cases small details are the best indicators… like someone prints quantity spiel on quality bond but stops including SAEs for required paperwork (s)he’s either trying to dump you or getting careless–either way it’s time to run & I’m running!)

Great dogwalking this morning; took Taro (now so lively & curious, used to be a shy, scared doggy), Sasha (puppy, just 4 months–everything is exciting, even & especially other dogs’ poo!!) & little Rudy the chihuahua who has to pause & seriously study the drain gratings because a paw can so easily slip through!

I had thought of going round to Chinatown to get a chinese top/cheongsam that I could get fitted after dropping home for a shower. At least Mui & Gin seem to think such outfits can be picked up without advanced notice around there. But after the Action Theatre phone call I decided it just isn’t worth it.


3 Responses

  1. thanks, damyantig!

  2. Just dropping by to say hi…..read your next post, and felt congratulations are in order:)

  3. oh. you know what… good on you for NOT going for the Life! Theatre Awards anyway! Shanghai Shenanigans is such a poor theme given the grief that the Chinese are imposing on the Tibetans.

    I looked at the photos splashed across the front page of Life! And bulked at how politically insensitive the guests look. Dressed up as the Red Army or imitating Mao Ze Dong? whatthe?

    One day… 100 years down the road, we’ll be looking back on this day, and we’ll see how today’s Tibet’s cultural genocide mirrors the Nazi’s genocide to the Jews.

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