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Easter at FCC

We had trumpeter at service this morning! & hot cross buns donated by Garden Slug & red bean rice cakes made by Sally…

& the sketch went okay even though I had not realised it was ‘in place’ of a sermon rather than in addition to. Had I realised that (in time) I think I would have tried to be more serious, more sombre, more–I don’t know…

Eslin & Ben worked it out between them, Ben directing.

But this is what I felt I was ‘given’ (Gary said he saw parts of his previous sermon in it–yes, & thank you for that–many influences went in but that was definitely part of it!)

Still, I think if I had known this was the sole message carrier of the day maybe I would have toned down some stuff like–

Anyway, just to recap, it’s been a fascinating drama! This man was said to have fed 5000 hungry people near Bethsaida–
Local bread and fish suppliers were seriously upset by the violation. Just as environmental conservation protects our habitat; the moral and economic ecology must be conserved to protect what is precious and sustains a dynamic, free and good society…
Speaking of the environment, reliable sources observed him walking on water and calming storms…
Walking on water and calming storms are acts inherently damaging to the temples of our spirits and an abuse of bodies of water, as we say in Hebrew… HaKash SheShavar et Gav HaGamal... shoving a straw up a camel’s backside
(interrupting with big artificial smile)
Public Channel–

And some visitors from ‘The Rock’ (New Creation) got the allusion in:

One day, one day in the future, as it is written in Deuteronomy 2:3, you have made your way around this hill country long enough, now turn North… at one place north we will find and settle our new Rock.

But still, but still… I thought I was producing 7 to 10 min of ‘light’ fluffing to get people focused & settled down for the sermon. Now I’m feeling like I didn’t take it seriously enough. There’s a lesson in there, though–taking things too seriously, thinking it could have made a difference if I put more effort in.

Anyway, if in case anyone wants to see what I’m talking about:

FCC Easter Sketch


6 Responses

  1. Thank you, Gartenfische. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You taking the trouble to say that means a lot to me!

  2. Well done, Ovidia. I read the sketch and it’s great. Like Kirsten and D.O., I appreciate the humor.

  3. Thank you, DarkOrpheus–I think I’m pretty sincere even in humour & when I’m talking s***… but the problem I think was target & I guess mission. I just didn’t calibrate right.

  4. Nothing wrong with humour. Sometimes I think we mistake being serious about something as being “humourless”. Not true at all.

    One of my teacher, Charat reminds us, “I don’t want your seriousness. I want your sincerity.”

    Anyone can be uptight. A lightness of spirit, and a lightness of heart — now, that’s difficult.

  5. Thank you Very Much Kirsten–THANK YOU!

  6. I rather like it as is. Humor is a wonderful tool, especially when it makes a topic “stick” that might otherwise have been forgotten as soon as a person walked out of church.

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