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Still on Track…

… so far at least.

Went to SPCA for my volunteer time this morning. Was a bit late because 1) dear ms C elected to pee on herself & her bedding late last night & needed 3 rounds of cat shampoo… finished around midnight. Still, an almost 20 year old cat is a triumph & she smells great now & is demanding dinner… coming! I’ll be right there!

Price tagged t-shirts… Mr Dev back from Canada, Ellen going off on her annual break soon. It’s going to be so crazy without Ellen the stalwart anchor around. I’m going to try to come in twice a week just during the coming month to see if I can help ‘pad’ out things a bit. I know I’m not much use but one more dogwalker is one more dog walked… or two… or three… or four!

And I did an hour+ of Yin… spine series today. Because I think I got a bit too much sun & my eyes were bleary & all of me was just feeling out of sorts I didn’t dare do a regular practice.

And I’ve got my 1000 words down!!!!!!!!!

Sounds ridiculous to be concerned with superficial stuff like volunteer work & writing routines when cultural genocide may be going on in Tibet right now. Is it? Are reports exaggerated? We don’t know because of course China isn’t letting reporters in… so rumours spread.

But think about it: there are over 100,000 ethnic Nepalese in refugee camps in India now… Either refugees or deported, many have been there since the 1990’s.  The religious leader of the country has been in exile since 1959. The Chinese go on saying ‘no problem’ or claiming it’s an internal affair until international media loses interest. It’s only because of the Olympics now that anyone’s paying attention–and yes, the Nepalese are probably using that as leverage. But why not?

I don’t know what to think there either. But I know I don’t trust the big bully admin that wants everything done their way or else… or else we’ll send soldiers in with guns, or else we sue’ll you for saying you saw us flying first class, or else we’ll claim your blog criticism of our speech is libelous & get you suspended from NUS…


5 Responses

  1. Thanks–you too! & sorry about your uncle. But the best thing about following this path is that death is no longer something unpleasant or to be dreaded.

  2. That book has always given me solace, I go back to it each time I need some calm. Like now, when I got the news that my uncle passed away yesterday….

    You are the sort of girl my dad would love to have for a daughter, someone who has read the Bhagvad-gita and is learning Sanskrit, not to mention is working on Ashtanga Yoga…fantastic:)

    I wish you well in all the things you are trying to do, and hope to cheer you on through comments on your blog!

  3. Thanks for the reference, damyantig (didn’t know they were selling it online now!) Yes, I am definitely trying to bring my practice ‘off’ the mat… that’s why Ashtanga (all 8 limbs of it!) suits me so well.

    But I do like ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’–& not just as a way of learning meditation… or about the life of Swami Yogananda (if you want to know more about that, the book ‘Mejda’ written by his brother is much more informative) this book gives me the same feeling as reading Rumi or the Bhagavad Gita… or someone who can read those to me, bring me back to passages in the Bible & show me how everything is in harmony. On first reading the narrative may seem simplistic, but you find yourself going back again & again & again.

    Still, I’m not sure I would take this as a guide to my meditation practice. Kriyayoga claims to be the summation of India’s more than 5000 years of meditation experience. But don’t forget the ‘science’ of yoga–including meditation–is based on the Patanjali Yogasutra… and I find the Pattabhi Jois mysore style ashtanga is closest to that today.

    But who knows? All I can honestly say right now is–(quoting & adapting Paul Grilley!) there are only 2 ways to do yoga ‘wrong’–1) pushing too hard & hurting yourself 2) not pushing yourself & getting no benefit.
    I’m working right now on moving into intermediate series (dropbacks!dropbacks!dropbacks!) pranayama & meditation puja ‘discipline’. I was studying Sanskrit, but I’ve pretty much let that lapse for the last 3 months. Maybe when things ease up a little I’ll move on with that… ‘Practice and all is coming’

    Beyond that? ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’!

  4. And if you are thinking of moving on to a different yoga from just asanas, you might like this book: Autobiography of a Yogi: http://www.crystalclarity.com/yogananda/

  5. I am glad you found the blog useful, and I see that you have linked to her:)

    She is a great girl, and her commitment to Yoga is tremendous!

    Thanks for linking to me, and yes, I fully intend to take up yoga this year. IT is just that too many things happened in my life, and I cannot start for another two months at least….

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