Palm Sunday

Back in FCC after last week’s sneezy-fits. Today Gary talked about how we are all like snotty, shitting infants in God’s POV; no matter what we do, we can’t earn or deserve the love that has already proved itself by our existence & our relationship to God. So if we want to develop this relationship–as for any other, we have to 1) accept the Love as given 2) forgive ourselves & others 3) spend time on the relationship… of course I’m simplifying heavily. I’m no good at writing deep meaningful & uplifting stuff (for that, click on link to Gartenfische on right!)

But it struck me, could have been directed right at me because of all the evil thoughts I’ve been having lately…

It’s all very well to say forgive people who harm you, but if you stand by & watch someone (an NMP for example) using her position to bully, threaten & intimidate someone else and do nothing, wouldn’t that be committing a sin of omission?

Double but–but–I know that I don’t have the position or the power to do anything about her myself. So then is this a sign to leave things to God?

Anyway–I took today off from writing. Young Chris came to church & we had lunch & talked & caught up on stuff–she’s going up to Bangkok on her own & I agreed traveling solo is the way I liked it too… (must remember to see what I did with all my coins & small change etc from Chiang Mai…) went home & did an hour of Yin off the dvd on the new flatscreen tv (nice!) I got to do almost a full primary yesterday, just switched off the phone & got into into it… & ‘gave’ myself the first 2 postures of the intermediate series!

Now I’m feeling re-charged, I have a fridgeful of organic veg,  tofu & tempeh & the new week is starting–Good Friday, Maunday Thursday, tv recording on Saturday, Easter Sunday (with my sketch!)… plus to make the deadline we’ll still be trying to keeping to the 1000 words a day schedule… yoga & pranayama are no longer optional–they’ll be necessary for survival!


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