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This Week–

This week I’ve managed to keep up 1000+ words a day since Monday…

Haven’t managed a full Primary Series, though (aargh!) But I’ve managed to get on the mat every day… 30-45 min ‘counts’ right? Just to work out the kinks…

Found great new site ‘Hezbollah Tofu’ that’s veganizing Anthony Bourdain… can’t contribute myself as I refuse to pay for his lard brained books… but I love this site! Isn’t just the survival cooking I normally do but all about making gourmet vegan dishes–prob won’t happen but it’s nice to fantasize turning out Original Sin meals in my kitchen!

Hey–finally found Mycofarm mushrooms on sale in Plaza Singapura’s Carrefour & bought 3 punnets! They’re supposed to be available at Giant (says the website) but my grubby fingers turning over produce there have never found any. Supporting local produce has just gotten a boost…

No organic potatoes… scrubbed the life out of regular ones for dinner tonight. Doesn’t help being told that if I saw what chemicals go into them I would never eat another potato so don’t tell me again okay?

Yes, I’m starting to faze out… but today was really amazingly cold. Thermostat read 22.5 when I got up this morning & this is Singapore!!! Working without air-conditioning I was wearing my yoga warmers over my regular tank top & slacks & still chilly-sniffy. Thought “I’m changing into a vata!” but it’s worse… it’s the planet that’s changing.

Yes again… starting to rant, please stop now. No, thank you very much but I would be lousy company on a yacht, have a great time, guys–I’m going to spend tomorrow re-housing my worm farm…

Shutting up & going to get some dinner–mushrooms on baked potatoes with green salad, celery slices & tomatoes…


4 Responses

  1. thanks for the encouragement, gartenfische! (now if I can just keep up the writing… keep the writing… keeep up ttheeht wrrritneg )

  2. 1000+ words a day, good for you!!! And 30-45 minutes of yoga, too? Wow. I’m impressed. 🙂

  3. Hi Kirsten–know what you mean… spent some time in Iowa where people say it’s ‘great! not cold today’ because it’s only snow that came down in the night… but this is Singapore–we’re ‘supposed’ to be griping about the heat!! Able to do bikram yoga (not that I do–) without artificial heating!!!

    Actually once you realise everybody’s feeling chilly & it’s not some kind of weird computer-symbiote-drawing-body-heat-out-of-me thing it’s kind of fun!

  4. For a few years in Oregon I had a group of students from Thailand as neighbors. They were cold almost constantly for the first few months they were there. But after that they were fine because they’d all bought down parkas.

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