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Haven’t Lost It All…

… yet!

Treated myself to a massage to ease the stiff computer shoulders–(hope FCC people appreciate the Easter sketch that caused this! Don’t slam me, Lord–hope you like it too!!) at a new neighbourhood ‘traditional’ tui-na style massage place… (next door to Organic4Less that was closed at 4pm) & after starting on my back the guy said:

  1. You do either yoga or tai-chi
  2. You do physical work is it? Hope you are not in my line of work–(‘what you mean?’ I asked, muffled) –deep tissue massage!

Despite my lapsed practice I still have some muscle tone left…!( Yes–I know I know I know that’s not that’s not the point… still… it’s nice it’s nice it’s nice!!!)And yes, aiming for another thousand words today. Spent this morning drawing up outlines & questions…Encouraging myself with promise of dinner: Fresh sweet green beans (to be stir fried in a little garlic) & a fat eggplant (to be stewed in curry sauce) & purple & green baby lettuce… probably with rice & quinoa… I love my mini rice cooker!

Yes–at 2030 words. Did 45 min walking meditation in West Coast early this morning so can take it easy now. Will try to get in sun salutations, standing & (selected) seated poses & closing sequence…


3 Responses

  1. well, at least this means you probably don’t need to go for colon cleansing then….

  2. I don’t know… hope so! (don’t feel it myself–)

    On a less complimentary note, also got told “your stomach very flat”
    “so I no need lose weight is it?” I query–wondering if this is a strange lead in to another wonder weight loss/waist trim-miracle herb from China spiel…
    “So you shit very good,” I’m told, “Regular and no fung–”

    …Never realised it was evident how good I shit…

  3. Oooh. I’m curious — how did the tui-na guy know you do yoga or tai-chi? He felt “chi”?

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