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Another Project

Another project–yes!

25, 000 words by 31st March–at first I said ‘no’ then spent the weekend buzzed over possibilities for tags/tie-ins/locations…

Said ‘yes’

This morning did dog walking. Short session but good–Silver (who’s got a bit of a sore reddish tail) & Xiao Hei (still full of puppy excitement at every tree, every block, every bit of poop on the path!) & ‘caught’ one of the beautiful golden lab retrievers running out of the boarding school–they are gorgeous dogs but at risk of getting run over & leaving shit all over the place that I’m afraid our doggies will get blamed for. Mui told them off (while I quite uselessly hung on to & played with the dog we stopped from running around outside).

Then upstairs to strip off & re-cover collection tins… my eyes were starting to sting after that…

But I got home & put down 1005 words as a start!

Will try to get a bit more in… outline points if I’m too pooped to do ‘smooth’ writing. Is it wise to take it on so late in the day? No.

But do I want to?


But yes… will put in an hour of Yin before bed…!


3 Responses

  1. I like Yin because the spine stretches & hip stretches compensate for a day in front of the computer & an hour of Yin in the afternoon/evening doesn’t leave me as buzzed as doing Ashtanga at that hour would.

    take a look? (he talks a lot but there’s an option on the dvd that lets you cut out the instructions–very useful the first couple of times–& keep the timing!)

  2. Yes–right now I’m using the Paul Grilley ‘Foundations of a Quiet Practice’ DVD–1) because it’s a no-brainer to slip it in & 2) because otherwise I have trouble relaxing completely into a pose & at the same time remembering to move on to the next pose & ‘balancing’ left & right. Yes, the Yin postures seem to be mostly seated & lying postures & I think if we focus on symmetrical postures the timing won’t matter so much…

    Maybe I can separate myself from the video too–!

  3. How is the yin going? Are you using a video? I think you said so over on WoYo, but I’ve forgotten. Is yin mostly seated postures? (I’m thinking here that if I use a video, I have to go down into the basement where the t.v. is and the ceiling is a bit low for standing poses.)

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