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In Response to Previous Post Messages…

(started writing a response but it got too long so…)

Thought the point of Marines & to a lesser degree other soldiers was to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves–not be ‘killing machines’

Observation: the most highly skilled martial arts exponents, like the most experienced yogis, also tend to be the most gentle; the strongest are the least likely to hurt anyone because theirs is a controlled strength.

Problem is, this military doesn’t seem healthy or strong: doesn’t seem to be training its troops at all.

These soldiers are like boys who have been handed guns and are bored because there’s no one to shoot at. All that testosterone & energy & no girls or enemies to use it up on.

If hauled up & called to account they would be acting all bashful & boyish & calling it ‘just a joke’ saying ‘we didn’t think it would hurt the puppy, we’re really sorry’ and ‘I love dogs, really’ and be let off because they’re young & serving the country.

And in a couple of years they’ll be hauled up again for videoing themselves in a gang rape or gay bashing because they needed it to hit that adrenalin high… & blame it on post-Iraq stress.

And Gartenfische, I apologise–sincerely. Americans Don’t have a bad name. I don’t want to shoot them. (At least not all of them!) It’s crazy soldiers & animal abusers & people who video them in action thinking it’s a joke that get me freaked out.

My knee jerk reaction to that video was: I would give all my savings, sell car/ apartment etc to find whichever extremist group can guarantee me those guys don’t make it out of Iraq alive… but no. I’ve calmed down now.

Because that wouldn’t bring the dog back.

Making them dead heroes wouldn’t make me feel better.

Terrorists don’t guarantee hits on particular units.

And given the chance I would prefer to take them out myself. Drop that soldier from a helicopter, say; so he lands with a broken leg, broken hip, fractured collarbone (that puppy probably didn’t die instantly) and video him dying over the next two days in the desert till he is mercifully finished off by a roaming tribe of feral dogs… just as the fire ants have found him.

Did I mention I’ve calmed down?

And yes, I did a partial practice today but–no great surprise–my balance was all off.

And no church for me today. Got to get rid of this hate & rage first.

Among other things, it’s giving me diarrhea.

One Response

  1. A few points that illuminate this sort of behaviour beyond what you’ve already mentioned:

    1. Many of the soldiers being sent to Iraq and Afghanistan are in the National Guard. They never expected to be set overseas, nor were they really trained for it. They’re just kids expecting to get a free ride through college in exchange for helping out during natural disasters who end up thrown into war instead.

    2. The regular military has been lowering its standards because they’ve been having difficulty meeting recruitment minimums. Those lower standards include taking people with criminal backgrounds as well as those with mental illnesses that would have once made them ineligible.

    And another note, on the lack of women: sexual harassment and abuse of female soldiers is a huge problem in our military. Many of these women come back from their tours with PTSD not only from the war, but from their treatment at the hands of the men in their units (the above two comments relate to this as well, I think).

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