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If I ever sign on to kill Americans, this link shows why…

soldier hurling puppy link

but I remind myself:

it’s just one screwed up American soldier…

if he wasn’t in Iraq killing puppies he would probably be back in the States killing people…

and everyone would blame his victims whether they’re classmates/teachers/girlfriends/jocks/gays/siblings/neighbours/parents/local born strangers/recent immigrants for bringing it upon themselves somehow…

here it should be clear the puppy doesn’t do anything to ‘deserve’ to be thrown into what looks like a practice live firing zone except be there & be small enough to be tossed.

Don’t blame all Americans

Don’t blame all soldiers

But the soldier who threw that dog–and even more the soldier who stood by and watched & more (X2) the unseen soldier who filmed it–they are really sick.


2 Responses

  1. It’s people like this who give Americans a bad name the world over.

    It is a crime that the military’s m.o. is to desensitize people to the point where some of them are barely human anymore. It could also be that sociopathic people are drawn to the military.

  2. isn’t desensitization symptomatic of a healthy and strong military? Marines are trained to become the ultimate killing machine, and to bask in the sensational glory of being invincible.

    i’m militantly anti-military.

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