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Finished Caferati Report!

Finished & posted Caferati 5 report!

Behaved myself over lunch (actually it was great fun) at TCC Keppel Marina. Talked with Robert (climbed Everest now heading up K2 in June) Goh and was much impressed. “Are you training for June?” he was asked.

“Every day is training. Either track or gym or stairs,”

Then, because the K2 weather is so unpredictable, they will go to base camp & wait for the window of opportunity which could be anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, there’s no telling…

I should do the same with my life, my writing. Daily training: (metaphorically, of course!) when the weather is fine hit the track, otherwise there’s always the gym, the stairs… I can always write–on the computer, on paper; I can do outlines when I’m stuck doing copy. I can finish stories when I’m stuck on drama. When all else fails I can write reviews. I can edit/correct/rewrite. I can read.

And then wait at base camp for the signal that it’s time to start the ascent.

But you see, it’s stupid / reckless/ pointless to go sit in base camp & say ‘why don’t the clouds clear’ if you are not ready. You might still not be ready or the window might be just one day & you’ll have to find your way back down the way you came–carefully–or go over a precipice–but there is no excuse for going up to base camp & lamenting the weather if you haven’t done the preparatory work.

I like what I’ve written for the Easter sketch. I like it very much, actually!!!

Aaargh I only did 30 min practice today and my eyes are stinging… my the TCC on Keppel Island has really a great grilled tofu cheese something… and little mushrooms to denote ‘vegetarian’ dishes–great place!

6 Responses

  1. Ovidia, Thanks so much—this is a great help! I do need structure in this way and your advice is just what I need. Yes, I have to define things better, be more clear just what it is I am doing when I sit down to write. (I also need a schedule, because otherwise, it just doesn’t get done—oh, I’ll do it later . . . and later never comes.) So, thank you!

    I am glad you don’t want to kill Americans anymore. 🙂

  2. hi again gartenfische, if you were one of my students (I know you’re not, so please do ignore this–students know they are supposed to & not get cross!) I’d say it doesn’t sound like a ‘discipline’ but a ‘target’ difficulty.

    If you were truly undisciplined as a writer, you wouldn’t find keeping up regular blog entries either easy or satisfying.
    But the ‘scope/target’ of a blog entry is clearly defined.

    When you try to move to other writing, things get more vague. It’s the blank canvas terror–(you know the story of the novice in front of the canvas unable to begin, afraid of putting a brushstroke wrong–the master comes & slashes a line down it… & breaks the fear)

    So we have the 20 questions game that they love/hate: are you trying to write this for yourself? as a first draft for submission–if so what’s your target? as a base for future work? as instruction/information/guide to others–if so are there templates/guides you respect? as a catharsis? to be found in a drawer after your death? are you working from an idea? A character? A relationship? Trying to describe a transition? A place? A dream? A mood?

    there are no wrong answers, but once your overall goal for the piece & goal for this particular writing session are settled, things seem to go smoother… maybe a chapter/an outline of a chapter/ a page… something that doesn’t panic your brain into thinking once-I-start-this-journey-I’m-stuck-on-this-mountain-till-I-get-off

    And another thing is–limit yourself. Set a timer & tell yourself that at the end of 30 minutes you’ll get up & do 5 sun salutations… you may find that at 25 min. 30 sec. your ‘flow’ opens up…

    But then the poetry workshop maybe just what you need so I should stop talking!!

    (& hey, I AM sorry about my american soldier rants)

  3. Ovidia, I feel this past week has brought home just how undisciplined I am. My main yoga practice buddy has guests in town, so she hasn’t been available to practice and I only managed two practices in five days. And those weren’t by myself—I cajoled my daughter into practicing with me once and yesterday, another friend came over and we practiced. On my own, I can find way to many excuses to sit at my computer rather than practice yoga.

    And I’m a very undisciplined writer. I find blog writing easy and satisfying, but when I try to do other things, I just can’t get myself motivated. (I’ve signed up for a poetry workshop, though, so I’m going to have find some motivation!)

  4. I’m pretty lousy at discipline… but from this month on I’m going to call it ‘grounding’ & ‘training’ & see if that works better!

    I find the discipline in writing & yoga seem to help balance each other–hard to explain to someone not doing both, but I think you both see/feel what I mean!

    You not disciplined? Gartenfische, I don’t think you realise how much your writing is helping/has already helped people all over the world! I suspect (from what I read) you are already more ‘disciplined’ than most… you may just feel you are not ‘suffering’ enough or haven’t pushed yourself to the max–but eblog is a very new medium vs print publishing–(sorry sorry–I read & am working on self knowledge & teacher judgments too, so… ) But thank you,

  5. I’m glad the Easter piece is pleasing you! That’s a wonderful thing.

    Oh yes, and discipline again. I’m not a disciplined writer, either.

  6. Writing is definitely as much a discipline as it is an art. I’ve known some very talented writers, but the only ones who “make it” as writers are those who are able to do just as you describe — sit down and write something every day, no matter what the circumstances.

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