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Easter Script Draft 5a is in…

And I am free for now… relatively speaking!

Stayed up too late last night talking to Ivan (but it was great, great, great catching up with the dear boy–didn’t realise it till he pointed it out but Alfian Didn’t get a best script nomination for  Happy Endings–I hadn’t even noticed–sort of assumed it would go to either him or Haresh, given how beautifully & impressively he transformed Jo Lee’s original text in the first half–& the second half… well, if you can manage to grown men cry with words alone & still love you after you must be doing something right!

Spent all morning blog surfing & adding new links to ‘must have’ ‘can’t believe I lived without them till now’ sites…

Learned that:

  • YJ is ‘uncool’ in the hip ad-free yoga community: (Thanks Yogamum, glad you read em too! But there goes my reputation, I’ve been quoting them all over the place!)
  • Other people practice in their underwear too! (Thanks Cody!)
  • Cancer is painfully prevalent (love to all of you)
  • How I see / judge teachers reflects on how I see/am not willing to see/ judge myself: (Linda puts it better in her blog–see link!)
  • Other people are working on setting up home practice disciplines too! (see Yoga & Cupcakes)
  • Other people read Derek Walcott! (see Yogamum…!)

3 Responses

  1. My only/main ‘drawback’ to underwear practice is… getting distracted during sarvangasana by how flabby my tummy is!!! (Aaargh!I knowI knowI know!!!–)

  2. My home practice discipline was not disciplined this week. How easy it is for me to be lazy.

    (And yes, I have practiced in my underwear—why get all dressed in yoga clothes if I’m the only one in the room?!)

  3. “Practice and all is coming!” Sri K.Pattabhi Jois.

    This is true but you need to see the results and after to do introspection.


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