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Still Busy

It’s raining beautifully–but that means our dear gardener is awol (not that I’m blaming him) but I’m guilty for still not having paid him…

Just adds to the general I’m-behind-schedule feeling…

I want to work on an organic wholegrain crepe recipe without eggs or dairy–so far first attempt at breakfast today came out stodgy…

Yes, I’m on the food/refreshments committee at church now–No, won’t be forcing vege meals on my sweet carnivorous brethren, but what I proffer will be meat free…

And I really want to do a full practice today. I’ve been surviving on between 45 minutes to an hour for the past week but there hasn’t been time–this is even with pushing back starting up time to 6.30am to feed the cats their microwave heated (I know, not healthy) breakfast… (why heated? Because their HypoCal has to be mashed in… they won’t swallow it otherwise…)

But I have a university lunch tomorrow & have to find out Where it is & what the dress code is–suspect I’m the only Fellow to have been sent off to change out of jeans before Formal Dinner…

(but when you think about the multitude of sins a ceremonial gown covers & how for women, the less they’re wearing the more ‘formal’ they’re considered–thinking back, if I’d been quicker off the mark & simply taken off my jeans…!)

Stop–I must focus. Today’s Priorities:

  • Do paper corrections of Easter piece & type them in–print out, re-correct, re-type–repeat as needed…
  • If I’m still functioning then turn to: Caferati Report. Read through emails/works submitted/comments submitted/templates/write draft/print/correct/re-type/repeat as needed…
  • Keep an eye/ear out for gardener
  • Treat myself to a full practice–or just an hour on the mate if I’m running short on time… again…
But so far I’m keeping to my March Goal (yes, I still log into WoYoPracMo) of getting/staying grounded… that’s why I’m taking time to write this out.
I’m remembering my daily goals & my daily gratitudes… one of the things I remain/remind myself to be grateful for is my ‘busy-ness’.
That I can still see & walk & think & write & carry buckets of water to the fishtank & turtle tank…!
That I’m still (for now) in a position of being called upon to help & not yet having to take the much much more difficult step of accepting help.
And the writing of my play & great novel-in-progress? I need a miracle here…

It was a miracle that any work ever got done, though somehow it did. He was reminded of his Oxford days, when essays mysteriously wrote themselves in the intervals of club-meetings and outdoor sports, and when most of the people who took firsts boasted of never having worked more than three hours of any day. –Dorathy L. Sayers, Murder Must Advertise


5 Responses

  1. I like how you recognized the gift in being busy. It is good to see the good in something that might usually be considered “bad.”

  2. Wow thanks! I’ll go try Azmira… but Microwaving’s gonna hasten the… (shut up ovidia shut up ovidia shut up ovidia…)

  3. OK! I’ve found Cruelty Free Cat food at Pet Lovers Centre (www.petloverscentre.com). I went to their branch at Bugis Junction, and found 3 brands.

    1. Azmira Holistic Animal Care – my cats LOVE this one!
    2. Natural Balance Pet Foods – causes diarrhea.. 😦
    3. Nature’s Variety – damn friggin expensive 😦

    Good luck. Oh come on. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Microwaving is NOT the end of the world lah…

  4. Exactly!!!! Here it’s more than a mite warm all year round–if only I’d thought faster & been quicker off (with more than) my feet! (your parents sound fun!)

  5. Re: what academic robes cover. Both my parents are professors, and I have many memories of my dad’s jealousy that my mom could get away with wearing shorts to graduation while he had to wear slacks. In Oklahoma it can be a mite warm in May, so there were some years when he was more jealous than others.

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