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Easter Is Coming…

Easter is coming. I realise we’ve plunged into the middle of Lent & I have been too busy to think about abstinence/devotions/volunteering… did morning puja then did sitting meditation in front of fish tank enjoying them swimming & happy–but then found another fry trapped under the filter tank & rescued her (though with though with hardly any trouble) so even that was not a focused pranayama.

But I rescued a fish.

No, I’m not doing anything for IWD at FCC next week, but I’m excited about what I am doing with the Easter piece. The outline/format got the go-ahead so it was just the fleshing out the personal/universal as it can be applied to the contemporary world–& our church–without demeaning the Message or belittling our members.

And then I got it while I was walking around in the drizzle at West Coast (sat at computer till eyes & hips were aching, had to get out in spite of weather)–literally a ‘zing’ & the stuff snapped into place almost fully formed, that’s the wonder of it when you know you you’re no genius–you just got yourself to the right mountain top & got handed a package to pass on.

& I just accidentally deleted the whole synopsis I was trying to cut & paste across to screenwriter–ratsratsratsrats…

time for another walk away from computer, methinks.

I have finished & submitted all my student evaluations
I have read/acted on/replied to/filed all my official mail
I have walked doggies (cutest little handful of a chihuahua mix & lovely young husky with intelligent gentle handsome face–already walked but sitting hopefully by front of cage. every time someone walked by, would pick up yellow & proffer green chew toy as if to say ‘Please? Play with me?’)

I must:
Pay gardener
Take laundry in to Gina
Buy onions (well… soon)


2 Responses

  1. Yes– I saved that little fish… our Good Lord who notices when a sparrow falls notices when a gupplet (mini-guppy) slips through the filter too, right?

  2. Well, saving a fish is something! đŸ˜‰

    I like your vision of getting to the right mountain top and being handed a package!

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