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Busy Busy Busy Weekend…

… but really great.

Tried to get grounded (yes, Yogamum–I sort of managed) & got in at least an hour of yoga (practice–less anal now, it counts even when I don’t do a full Primary!) & 10 min meditation Fri/Sat/Sun…

Also managed to finish ‘Spoken Spells’ (short story) to read at Caferati meeting–great meeting with the weather playing usual tricks on our attempts to get to Haw Par Villa…

I’m writing the meeting report, so can/will post details later–was a very good session… I’m learning a lot from these people, it’s so great getting immediate, supportive yet honest feedback & having regular meetings is marvelous incentive to keep writing

Then had Jacke on Action Theatre–poor Jacke–but can’t write about that (yet) & I hadn’t gone over his last set of corrections yet… (guilt guilt guilt…) but we had a good–short–session… rushing to finish a first draft of the Easter script which I managed to print out to pass out for feedback on Sunday…

And I also managed to get arch support insoles for my ankle boots… shocked people at lunch who did not believe it was only my 2nd pair of shoes… actually it’s not, I realise… I also have my scruffies for dog walking/washing but those can’t really be worn anywhere else… so it’s my 3rd pair of non-slippers footwear…

Dinner with the Beaver, he discovered a great chinese vegetarian restaurant near Orchard Cal Fit & we had the best king oyster mushrooms… then dessert in the organic cafe after.

B’s possible new love came to nothing… he’s very nobly & self-sacrificingly decided to put his own life aside to take care of his own (straight) family member’s difficulties. Sad thing is, it seems assumed/taken for granted by all, including him that he should do this. Yet there is no way anyone would expect a straight man to put his wife/fiancee on hold because of family problems. He’s opening up his home, giving emotional and financial support…

… this is the kind of  ‘gay lifestyle’ some people are so afraid will infiltrate & destroy our society?


3 Responses

  1. Hi Kirsten & Darkorpheus, I know!!! Thanks for coming by to visit–I know you people are busy too…

    despite what you see as doing nothing, Darkorph… very noble of your aunt I must say!

    Don’t think anyone is ‘expendable’. But maybe those who are ‘single’ & /or gay value relationships more because they take them for granted less.

  2. Did you get all these done in one weekend? Really? I did NOTHING this weekend.

    About your friend, B:

    I think society have some pretty warped values about who are more “expendable”

    When one of my uncle had liver cancer, both his son and his daughter were suitable organ donors. For some reasons, it was decided that the son, because he is married, he should not risk his precious life giving up his organ.

    Instead, his sister — who is still single, should be the one to give up a part of her liver.

    Somehow, a single woman’s life is worth less than a married man.

    What about a gay son? A lesbian daughter? How does that measure up against a single, straight daughter?

    I’m falling into my habit of cynicism. So I’ll shut up now.

  3. It’s always seemed odd to me how people who are gay are often lumped in with spinsters and other singletons when it comes to availability for care-taking, whether or not they’re in a relationship. Somehow “not married” = “time on your hands” in the minds of many people, when most of the single folks i know are by far the busiest.

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