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Mas Selamat bin Kastari’s Toilet Break & Some Things I Believe

Okay. I believe…

  • It’s fine to detain prisoners on suspicion without trial.
  • Anyway as long as America does it, we can too–and if the suspicion is big enough and the object is made terrifying enough the trial will probably be never be necessary.
  • Our security systems are the best especially at our Onraet Road facility. Barbed wire topped fences, CCTV camera, armed guards, pretty broad daylight at 4.05 pm
  • A man classified as Singapore’s most wanted terrorist, head of the Singapore branch of Jemaah Islamiah, took a toilet break 1) without regulation handcuffs 2) without regulation supervision.
  • It is stupid to fuss over Ministers’ pay (highest in the world–Lee Hsien Loong earns more than Bush. Okay, he hands over a huge chunk of that to charity & I respect him for that–he walks his talk–but there’s no guarantee his successors will…) when our future is at stake and our Ministers are the best in the world.
  • Non-Ministers like you & me can get by on a monthly $610 (male) or $570 under the proposed Lifelong Income scheme (visit CPF Life & do your own calculations!) rather than the previous $720.
  • (DPM–next PM?) Wong Kan Seng says Mas Selamat bin Kastari’s escape was an ‘honest mistake’
  • This is the man was accused (& therefore in our minds, tried & convicted) of plotting to attack Changi Airport, US Embassy, the American Club & the Singapore American School.
  • SK was arrested in Indonesia for having fake identity papers & released.
  • SK was arrested in Java when visiting his son, for using fake identity documents, and handed over to Singapore.
  • Of course I believe SK is guilty–just as everyone ever hauled in for questioning must be guilty–but is it at all possible some agreement has been reached & the ‘honest mistake’ was bringing him back to Singapore in the first place–something they are trying to rectify?

Sorry, I know I’m talking nonsense. I should be more ‘scared’ right? At the threat of some criminally insane terrorist limping on the loose in Singapore?

But not too long ago I remember listening to an NMP going on about the threat of a ‘radical political agenda’ to ‘subert social morality, the common good and undermine our liberties’… remember that one? The woman who was going, homosexuals can expect ‘decent’ treatment (ie be labeled criminals but presumably not beaten up)

but they have no right to insist we surrender our fundamental moral beliefs so they can feel comfortable about their sexual behaviour. We should not be subject to the tyranny of the undemocratic minority who want to violate our consciences, trample on our cherished moral virtues and threaten our collective welfare by imposing homosexual dogma on right-thinking people.

Whew. As someone who has never tried to insist on anyone else surrendering any moral beliefs (I feel fine about my behaviour, thanks!); as someone who certainly doesn’t feel like any kind of ‘tyrant’ trying to violate/trample/threaten/impose…

Can anyone see why, after being labeled a criminal/threat/tyrant by this NMP’s rhetoric, I find it difficult to fear, or even believe in, genuine threats when they arise?

(Personal opinions are fine, but this was a speech to parliament… & I hear she’s been appointed resource person to our Law Society’s newly formed Constitutional Law Committee… the chair is her equally homophobic Christian fundamentalist mama.)

Ethos book launch last night was great fun. Only vaguely vegetarian dish was broccoli on tofu in an iffy sauce–lucky I had a banana & nut bar first! Then went home to peanut butter on wasa crisps & some radish leaves & carrot strips in vegetable stock that I’ve been saving for just such an ’emergency’!

But everyone getting all worked up at ‘a terrorist on the loose’ also feels strange.

I read in the papers about the crazy white S. African students who videoed ‘in fun’ feeding black campus cleaners drinking soup they had pissed in, ending with “That, at the end of the day, is what we think of integration”

And reading it I thought: I thought I opposed vigilante acts. But if I could take out those white university students, I would. In fact, I would take out the whole white university, their friends, their families… because they needed a strong system to have created & ingrained such pride in such a mind set (so I guess that means I have terrorist tendencies?) Because if they have reached university level & believe this so fervently, they can’t be just expressing how they feel in a video–it must be coming out in their daily lives, daily acts, their thoughts, oh my god… I could even subscribe to ethnic cleansing if I thought I could erase their genes from our planet!

Reading that made me aware that I can’t say ‘terrorists are another race of people I’ll never understand’ because I know how close anger can drive me to the edge.

The only thing that holds me back is that I don’t think it’s effective, long term. And I don’t think I can sieve out the innocent from the guilty. And in some naive goondu way I persist in believing ALL are innocent & can be reeducated.

Stupid, I know.

Still, if only I had the chance with those wretched white kids…

I would wait ten years. Then I would make them watch while I make their sweet little white toddlers/children eat the stew that black grannies & grandpas have pissed in.

No, I am Not a nice person.

6 Responses

  1. […] Ovidia Yu – Mas Selamat bin Kastari’s Toilet Break & Some Things I Believe […]

  2. okay, I’m overreacting & oversimplifying, I know…

    I’m glad I get internet contact with white (I assume) people online like gartenf & yogamum because it gets too easy/tempting to sit in a hole & start hating everyone outside… sorry–it’s like how I love so much about Japanese–people/art/literature/engineering/tea/fashion/cuisine/customs both contemporary & historical & yet it irks me so much that their right wing conservatives still insist we ‘invited’ them over here to occupy us during WW 2!!

  3. Hmmm, “right-thinking people,” eh?

    And those white students, how ugly. Privilege breeds contempt, it seems. Especially when there are no counterbalances.

  4. your cynicism burns 😛 ouch.

  5. Nah don’t do it. Would just be making life more difficult for poor migrant workers who don’t get paid/don’t get paid enough by construction companies anyway.

    Won’t make no statement that registers–probably just happy with you for speeding up redevelopment / urban facelift…

    And/But of course you would get into major hot water

  6. Or we could all go the route of the ANC/Umkhonto we Sizwe. Attack property, not people and still make a statement that way! (tempted, but my citizenship at risk, better not even think about it!)

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