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Dumping Pedigrees

From this morning’s Straits Times:

More than half of the 3, 2002 unwanted dogs the society took last year, or 1. 521 animals, were pure-breds… The increase comes as more owners import pedigrees from outside the country… The pedigree dogs the SPCA sees now are younger than before, with most being one to four years old… Not having time to look after their pet was the most common reason owners cited for surrendering the animals…

To curb the increasing numbers of pedigree dogs being imported, bred and sold here, the SPCA had suggested that the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) restrict their supply. But the AVA, in a response to the society, said “would not be appropriate” to restrict the number and type of dogs. “We understand the SPCA’s concerns but would like to reiterate that Singapore operates on a free market system,” said AVA’s head of the centre for animal welfare and control, Mr Madhavan Kannan.

Is Mr Madhavan Kannan saying, in his position as head of animal welfare and control that ‘free market’ (I have $$, I buy dog–I get bored (‘no time’), I chuck dog–who cares as long as I pay GST on dog) in his POV rules over any kind of moral/ethical/human responsibility to the animals whose welfare (as well as control) his organisation is supposedly overseeing?

(And remember, giving up unwanted dogs to SPCA is what the more considerate of these ex-dog-owning people. Some–no kidding–take poor pedigreed Hero or Tammy or Fluffy by car far enough that he/she can’t find his/her way home & just drive off…)

Why not some kind of $$$ bond, since we are so fond of $$$ in Singapore? Make pedigree owners post a $5000 bond to purchase a pedigree dog… Like CPF, let them draw on this ‘fund’ to pay vet bills/check ups/medication etc at ‘approved’ vets. If the dog dies / disappears in suspicious circumstances in less than 8 years (assuming it’s a puppy to begin with) the $$ left goes to AVA. If the dog lives out happy long life span & there’s still $$ left, it goes back to the owner. If the dog is surrendered to SPCA or other animal re-homing agencies, the $$ goes with the dog, to fund its resettlement expenses…

Yes, fewer people will be able to afford dogs–but our lovable local mutts & non-imported 2nd hand adoptees will still be free… plus they come with ‘inherited’ bond $.

And the $ will be used on the dogs anyway…


3 Responses

  1. God forbid you should interfere with the free market, which is the real God. We know all about that over here. Morals, ethics and responsibility over money? Ha!

  2. Sorry but I don’t think so… I know they don’t (always) use IAMS / Science Diet but think they are heavily restricted by cost…

    Do you mean ‘cruelty free’ as in vegan–not really possible for healthy cats (I personally believe) or ‘cruelty free’ as in they don’t torture test on animals?

    I’m steaming fresh caught kembong/selar/cencun for my cats & supplementing with Designer Whey, Hill’s Prescription Diet & Hypocal… yes, they used to get Science Diet Senior & anti-furball but now I don’t know…

    I’m pasting this list of ‘don’t torture companies’ that I copied (off Caring Consumer) but couldn’t really find any of the products in Singapore–if you do let me know!!
    Boston Baked Bonz, 781-752-4040; http://www.bostonbakedbonz.com
    Bravo Raw Diet, 866-922-9222; http://www.bravorawdiet.comn
    Burns Pet Nutrition, 877-983-9651; http://www.burns-pet-nutrition.co.uk
    Canusa International, 519-624-5697; http://www.canusaint.com
    CountryPet Pet Food, 800-454-7387; http://www.countrypet.com
    Dr. Harvey’s, 866-362-4123; http://www.drharveys.com
    Dry Fork Milling Co., 800-346-1360
    Dynamite Marketing, Inc., 208-887-9410; http://www.dynamitemarketing.com
    Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Co., Inc., 800-288-6796; http://www.evangersdogfood.com
    Evolution Diet, Inc. (entirely vegan), 800-659-0104; http://www.petfoodshop.com
    Flint River Ranch, 800-704-8779; http://www.flintriver-home.com
    Good Dog Foods, Inc., 732-842-4555; http://www.gooddogfoods.com
    GreenTripe.com, 831-726-3255; http://www.greentripe.com
    Halo, Purely for Pets, 800-426-4256; http://www.halopets.com
    Happy Dog Food, 800-359-9576; http://www.happydogfood.com
    Harbingers of a New Age (entirely vegan), 406-295-4944; http://www.vegepet.com
    Holistic Blend, 800-954-1117; http://www.holisticblend.com
    The Honest Kitchen, 858-483-5995; http://www.thehonestkitchen.com
    Know Better Dog Food, 866-922-6463; http://www.knowbetterdogfood.com
    KosherPets, Inc., 954-938-6270; http://www.kosherpets.com
    Kumpi Pet Foods, 303-699-8562; http://www.kumpi.com
    Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. (vegan options), 800-829-4493; http://www.naturalbalanceinc.com
    Natural Life Pet Products, Inc. (vegan options), 800-367-2391; http://www.nlpp.com
    Nature’s Variety, 888-519-7387; http://www.naturesvariety.com
    Newman’s Own Organics, http://www.newmansownorganics.com
    Oma’s Pride, 800-678-6627; http://www.omaspride.com
    Onesta Organics (entirely vegan), 619-295-1136; http://www.onestaorganics.com
    PetGuard (vegan options), 800-874-3221; 904-264-8500; http://www.petguard.com
    Pied Piper Pet & Wildlife, 800-338-4610; http://www.piedpiperpet.com
    PoshNosh Inc., 613-302-3156; http://www.poshnosh.ca
    Raw Advantage, Inc., 360-387-5158; http://www.rawadvantagepetfood.com
    Sauder Feeds, Inc., 260-627-2196; http://www.sauderfeeds.com
    Timberwolf Organics, Inc., 863-439-0049; http://www.timberwolforganics.com
    V-dogfood, LLC (entirely vegan), 888-280-8364; http://www.v-dogfood.com
    Veterinary Nutritional Formula, 800-811-0530; http://www.vnfpetfood.com
    Wow-Bow Distributors Ltd. (vegan options), 516-254-6064; http://www.wow-bow.com
    Wysong Professional Diets (vegan options), 800-748-0188; http://www.wysong.net

  3. Hey… been meaning to ask you this… Do you know if the SPCA uses Animal Cruelty Free Pet food?

    I’ve been having trouble getting a good brand of animal cruelty free cat food since finding out about the horrible stuff that goes on behind the factory doors of IAMS and Science Diet.

    Let me know if you have any recommendations?

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