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Bollywood Veggies

Woke with a very clear idea of what I was going to work on today… Easter piece/Mentor Feedback forms/Cafeteria piece… instead, since none of the above were urgent I filled up the tank, pumped up the tires & went to look at Ivy Singh-Lim’s Bollywood Veggies–and it was fantastic!

In my defence:

  1. I’ve been meaning to for some time.
  2. I wanted to collect its gps coordinates
  3. Darkorpheus & Spidermonkey made it sound so fun–it’s their fault!

Yes, Ivy Singh-Lim does still walk around with a knife in her belt. I asked her about it & she flashed it proudly. I had no problem getting a vegetarian lunch–it wasn’t exactly quiet though… lots of little homeschooled kids on a day outing!

A sulking escort granny came to sit with me & grumble about why kids got so worked up about running around in the sun and ‘sanpah‘. My Mandarin was stretched to breaking point but luckily one of the escort Moms came to join us & she found she knew the granny’s younger daughter (Singapore is very small) and her Mandarin a lot better than mine, so things went better from there!

Guess in the old days when everything was sanpah, a big building with air-con was an Experience. Today, for these kids, bananas growing on trees & huge dragonflies around sweet smelling plants with leaves you can touch & rub & crush to see how they smell (Ivy Singh-Lim encouraged them to be hands on in their explorations) are the novelty.

I stopped by the Aero-Green after that (got their coordinates too!) & got to choose some more of my own veggies…

Now I’m a bit baked, but I had a wonderful wonderful time.

Plus a fridgeful of veg (which I can prob eat for a 2 days at its peak then for 3/4 days as it fades gradually… then it will go to the turtles & then the worms…)

I loved:

  • The 3 legged black dog with a red collar
  • The huge variety of banana trees
  • The giant lotus ponds with leaves and leaves and leaves and the occasional stalk & bud & blooming lotus
  • Walking on uneven grassy pathways & knowing I was meant to cos there were signs with plant/tree names written up
  • Learning bell peppers can grow in our climate
  • Learning what you can do with aloe vera
  • Seeing the cashew nut tree
  • The beautiful butterflies & dragonflies–dragonflies seem able to hover stationary without moving, I swear

So yes–great day. I don’t know whether it’s the sun or the change in the routine or just getting out there & seeing how people do live triumphantly according to their own standards even in Singapore–but suddenly I’m feeling good again.


5 Responses

  1. haha kirsten… think Ivy Singh-lim did that on purpose. She named the cafe there ‘Poison Ivy’ (given her name you can see how…) & a staff member told me “she can’t cook, don’t listen to what she tells you!” when she tried to give me advice about making pickles…

  2. dear gartenfische, your botanic gardens looks AWESOME! & having a conservatory is great too–once I went to the botanic gardens in Zurich (university run/funded, I believe) in January–dead smack in winter–without expecting much & found loads of happy Asphodelaceae–including my favourite aloes, some I’d never seen before–mind you, it was snowing/freezing outside… too wet/windy on the slopes to ski… and these prickly little sweeties are supposed to be at home in asia/africa so it was really really happy making!

    unrepentant spidermonkey… but I’m so glad I went! No, I didn’t get to try Banana Cake–they said there was egg in it & I’m still recovering from ‘free range’ guilt… any news on the amazing race? who’s gets to decide if you get in???

  3. hahahahahah! Always happy to distract people from their writing to go visit Bollywood Veggies. *evil* But hey… Procrastination is a writer’s best friend. : )

    Did you try the Papaya Salad and the Banana Cake???

  4. This sounds very cool. A friend mentioned the other day that wintertime is a wonderful time to visit the botanic gardens here. I always wait until the weather is warmer, but they have a “tropical conservatory,” which is indoors, of course, so it might be lovely to visit just to sit in there!

  5. Hee! Your post title had me thinking of veggies in brightly colored clothing doing little dance numbers around the kitchen.

    Sounds like you had a lovely day indeed.

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