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… a day after all!

The SPH reception waiting area still has some Chinese New Year decorations up, among them 2 enormous pots filled with stalks bearing bulbous orange globules… One of the ladies in reception told me they come from China; are available only around New Year; are called ‘Netty’ (sp?) and cost $14 per stalk so the 2 displays came to about $400; the globular fruits are poisonous, she said. And they lasted for several weeks (getting sprayed in the morning) though a very few of them are turning brown.

Some of them are like hard, shiny plums, the size of fist–with five little ovoid protuberances. The smaller ones have no protuberances… or perhaps are the protuberances minus the central body.

Anyway, this was my first encounter with these ‘Netti’ & I was too fascinated to be nervous before the photo & interview so that was good. When June came out to collect me, she got to talking about the strange fruit too–she didn’t have any idea where they came from either–and when you begin a conversation with science fiction fruits & how you would work killer fruits into a nightmare movie the rest doesn’t really get too awkward.

She was nice enough to mention she once worked on a play of mine when she was at Warwick (!) & Desmond the photographer was a wonder with his patient steps… “smile–no. I mean with teeth. No that is not smiling. That is being fierce like you are going to bite. Okay, don’t smile. Just look here. Okay never mind. Close your eyes. Why? To rest them. Okay, open eyes. Hah–I just took it. Very natural, good–okay, got another one. And you are laughing, very natural…”

(Bet he’s good at handling children & animals too!)

But the interview wasn’t so great. I don’t remember all of it, but I know she asked which writers here I admired.

I said–“Well, Haresh Sharma of course,”

“What about Haresh do you like?”

“His eyelashes,”

I talk nonsense under stress.

But then if I was better at talking I would never have learned to write…

Came home & did basic sun salutations & seated twists, & back bends & closing then felt better. Didn’t dare to headstand & balance poses because everything was feeling so ‘iffy’. But after a 15 min savasana I think I’m back to normal…

Page One doesn’t have Merton’s Seeds of Contemplation. The chap who looked it up said it was published in 1949 & not likely they would get any copies in, but the next time he was in a second hand store he would look it up for me–nice of him!

I realise how I’m feeling now is just part of the cycle of adjusting… to home practice and being on my own. It’s also a sign that it’s working.

Okay, I’ve been reading the new issue of Yoga Journal–but the article there ties in with what Jean said in church Sunday, so I guess… when the universe make this many attempts to put a point across to you it’s time to listen. My next step is ‘integration’. Of my new values, new intentions & focus. Not necessarily a major life shift, it’s something that happens / should happen regularly.

Like changing pillows, which I just heard ought to be done every 8 months… I thought pillows lasted forever–those neck support pillows are expensive!


7 Responses

  1. thanks curt–& good luck with your website & forum too!

  2. Hi,
    I like the way you are performing your work .. Its really amazing .. The topic is really brilliant and the way you have discussed is really fantastic!

  3. know exactly what you mean… but guess all those ads pay for the great articles, so…

  4. Yoga Journal does have great articles doesn’t it. Wished it had less adverts though. I love the articles on Downward Dogs. Hope that they will do one on Upwarddog soon too.

  5. Hi Gartenfisch & Darkorpheus–thanks so much for dropping by to comment!

    I know–re: expensive neck support pillows!!!–but I heard it on a radio health programme so it Must be true, right…? Have heard about tossing spices & toothbrushes too… but I don’t, I don’t…! Luckily there are so many other things to feel guilty about these little health maintenance tidbits just got lost in there somewhere…

    No, he wasn’t a ‘friend’, just the guy on duty at the information counter–I thought his 2nd hand copy offer was kind of sweet too–but I’m definitely going to look it up on amazon now. Thanks! (I would classify as ‘good soul working in big corp’)

  6. Is that guy from Page One your friend? Do you trust his information? New Directions recently re-issued the “New Seeds of Contemplation” — Amazon link here:

    “New Seeds of Contemplation” is actually a revised and expanded version of “Seeds of Contemplation.” Was this alternative offered to you?

    And as far as I know, it has never really gone out of print. The mainly Buddhist publisher Shambhala actually has it in a dainty little hardcover.

    Sorry if it sounds a little pissy — I just I hate it when people in bookstores don’t know their products and they give the wrong information.

    But he offered to look it up for you in a secondhand bookstore, so he’s probably a good guy and I’m just being judgemental.

    My bad.

  7. Glad all went well. . . .

    I am not going to be changing my pillow every eight months! I use the neck support pillows, too, and they’re too expensive to begin with. If we did what everybody told us—replacing everything exactly as they say—we’d be broke! (Throw out all your cooking spices after six months, change your toothbrush every week, replace the carpeting in your house every five years—-okay, I just made all that up, but it’s not too far from the truth!)

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