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Missed Dog Walking

Missed dog walking this morning after missing/doing only partial practices for several days… so I can’t kid myself any more–things are falling apart.

Got call for photoshoot tomorrow morning. “Standard–just turn up we’ve got people to take care of everything” but still–last shoot the photographer sent me for a haircut (!) & Panadols (!!) so…

No, the more I think/stress about it the worse it gets.

Had some herbal sleep aid last night & ended up sleeping, yes, but with really weird dreams–in Australia with enormous wood floor shala & cats–& people I never expected to see again…

All this could be because it’s this time of year again.

But people who died are gone beyond & beyond our responsibility. The thing to do now is focus on present responsibilities… most pressingly I have to finish 1) Easter writing 2) MAP feedback 3) Q’s for Book. I must also get back to yoga practice, I can already feel my body’s weak spots (left shoulder, left hip) starting to give in under the stress of storing tension without release.

Interestingly, after Gartenfisch mentioned Thomas Merson on her site a couple of days back, Jean Lee brought up his Seeds of Contemplation repeatedly in her sermon yesterday. God loves us to the point of freedom, she underlined. Yes, we all have ‘freedom’ as a gift, along with salvation. But that at the same time these are things we must work for daily with ‘fear and trembling’ is not a contradiction, it is a fact of our human nature.

Rather like the way advanced yogi’s have to work on surya namaskaras day after day… not trying to ‘perfect’ them but because each morning they have work to release the build up & tensions that come as a part of being alive.

(This is a book I’m going to have a read for myself. Along with the other she mentioned–John Shelby Spong’s Here I Stand. I have to pull myself together & start reading more non-fiction!)

Or I could just feel rotten because the haze is back from Indonesia… I know air quality is just ‘Moderate’ rather than ‘Good’ but when you look at trees / buildings in the distance and they look hazy & when you inhale & smell what seems to be a hundred distant incense burners on overdrive & your eyes water & throat clogs just doing stretches , you know people have different definitions of air quality!

4 Responses

  1. Hi Val, thanks for getting in touch–I’ll get back to you. Meantime, I’ve deleted your address from your post here–just in case you get flooded by all kinds of offers :} !!

  2. Hi Ovidia,

    I’m Valerie from MediaCorp Studios. I’ve no idea how else to contact you, so i’m leaving a comment…

    We would like to invite you to appear as a guest judge on one of the episodes of a debate programme we’re producing. may i know how I may contact you to give you more details?

    Thanks! hope to hear from you soon!


  3. Thank you gartenfische… your peace prods must have be very effective–in spite of getting woken up in the middle of the night by thunderstorm (plus we had earthquake tremors yesterday, coming off centre in Indonesia)–today’s photos & interview went very well–were even fun!!

  4. You are so busy. Sending peace your way. . . .

    I have Merton’s New Seeds of Contemplation. I don’t know what the difference is. I haven’t read it yet, but I got it out and put it on top of my to-read stack.

    Enjoyed reading Spong in the past, too. Here I Stand sounds intriguing. He is a very courageous man, and I admire that a lot—it would be interesting to read his autobiography.

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