‘Off’ Day Resolutions

Ashtangis get Saturdays off…

so I did 5 A’s, only 3B’s, full standing sequence… then took it easy through the seated sequence. But it was a good session. My left neck & shoulder were feeling a bit tight so I held some postures longer ‘Yin’ fashion and worked on alignment.

& I ‘m still trying to figure out how my arms can be worked into the same position in backbends as in downward dog…

But these are all things I’m good with working on slowly, day by day… the whole point of making practice my own, right?

Actually right now I’m resolving to be less responsible about things…

  • I’m not going to worry about practicing the ‘right’ way. I’m going to try to find what works for me & going back to anatomy books as well as yoga texts.
  • I’m going to stop feeling responsible for others in the ‘community’. There is no community. I will do what I can as myself and that’s it.
  • I’ve cut down on my facebook groups & applications. Even deleted dear little Rafael my beloved penguin who was always happy to see me…

I liked the writing quotes DarkOrph just posted, especially the one beginning:

Sometimes she read in order to write, in order to begin, to find her way in. She agreed with Virginia Woolf that to read poetry before you wrote could open the mind.

I find reading helps stir up as well as settle my thoughts–rather like doing sun salutations before sitting down to do pranayama (I know it’s not the right sequence, but helps me focus).

And sometimes when I’m fidgeting at the keyboard & hating /deleting every sentence repeatedly I’ll give myself time out to read something totally irrelevant… but that’s when I realise exactly what I did mean to put down & somehow it’s easier to scribble down on rough paper/slit open & smoothed out envelopes than it is to type into a sophisticated word processing system!

Anyway, I’ve got to rush & finish up my Easter piece.

Or should I go to bed early?

Wasted yesterday doing artsy small talk… a meeting which came to nothing anyway, as it turns out. I’ve really got to learn to prioritize!!!


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  1. It sounds like you’re centering yourself. I admire that.

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