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Save The Whales! & Eggs-actly what is free-range??

Save The Whales… signing this petition is just a start, of course– but it’s a start…

I was crabby… well, slightly peeved… for a couple of weeks leading up to & after Chinese New Year because I couldn’t find free range eggs at any of the Cold Storage supermarkets around here (tried The Village, Holland Village, Vivo & Jelita–at Vivo they suggested I drive up to Woodlands way up in the North because there was a better chance there, being nearer the suppliers!) I like the occasional egg at home–I mean, it’s difficult to mix up batter for weekend oatmeal pancakes without an egg in your apartment… but then–

but then I read this in PostpunkKitchen today (see link on blogroll):

For instance, every single egg producer (and when I say egg producer, I don’t mean the chickens, I mean the people “keeping” the chickens) kills the male chicks either by gas or suffocation or grinding them up, because the boy chicks are mostly useless. Yes, even those nice people at the farmers market practice this. Not to mention that the laying hens are killed at 8 to 18 months because they are “spent”. So where are your humane eggs now? Huh? Huh? I am shoulder shoving you and asking. Even in the best situations these are the bare minimum facts, and that is not even mentioning what a bunch of malarchy free range is.

and I was glad I didn’t find those eggs because I would now be facing the new dilemma of what to do with those eggs.

If you have any feelings at all, don’t go look at those ‘free range’ chickens.

Or maybe you should. Link to free range video here… Depends on how culpable you feel/are for the sins you deliberately shut your eyes & brain to as you boil/fry/scramble/order & swallow them!


2 Responses

  1. I know–me too…

    Hey, I don’t even really believe it’s ‘wrong’ to eat meat–it’s all this crazy excess that we’re producing/processing/devouring that’s really freaky. And the poor animals that got caught up in it.

    And the poor kids of this generation getting overdosed on hormone pumped, anti-B full, steroid laden beef/chicken/pork/lamb and people wondering why they’re growing so physically large, mentally stressed & emotionally wayang…

  2. I really need to cut out the eggs. That would make it impossible to eat out with friends though.

    Cutting out the meat is easy. But the next step to veganism is really hard.

    Still trying.

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