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Life & Mula Bandha

Talked to my mum yesterday evening–which resulted in not being able to sleep all night & a runny nose today… I meant to be nice, read her a note an old student of hers sent me asking to have her regards forwarded… anyway, I have every intention of sleeping tonight so will say no more.

The Beaver sent me this great link to a site that talks about how to tell whether you’re engaging your mula bandha correctly… major question for all of us starters & A-types (not just am I holding my bandha correctly but am I over-contracting?) are you engaging your mula bandha correctly? and I tried to apply it to today’s home practice, which went pretty well (despite the slight sniffiness)

I got some writing in–more planning & shifting & being horrified & slashing out previous stuff I wrote than actual typing in copy. But that’s necessary sometimes. I guess. I felt like I was getting closer to what I was trying to put across today, instead of just churning out material.

Jorge asked about Easter–doing a two hander for a reading for the Easter service. I’ll think about it & see if I can come up with something workable by this Sunday. (Easier to write something than be friendly & welcoming as part of the reception team!)

I should apply my mula bandha ‘hold’ or ‘control’ in life too. If exercised & toned, this is the muscle that makes it less likely we end up incontinent / with poor hip posture that leads to back problems etc.

In life I should have that ‘hold’ or ‘control’ too, not letting things go out of balance, allowing my core muscles to stabilize me rather than constantly be tensing & striving to find a new point of balance.

And I should like to get to a stage/level where this is automatic, or rather the natural resting form for my body, both physically & metaphorically–holding my mula bandha so I am centred & my core muscles are holding me securely poised; spine upright so I am reaching for the sun/sky & possibilities; chest open so that I breathe deeply & openly & steadily, not afraid to give & accept; and mouth closed, with tip of tongue on the hard palate, so I am not too quick to speak & judge…

Okay–high goals–I’ll start by trying to maintain this through practice at least… & then move on into Life!


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