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Ngiap Heng’s Exhibition

Up early to do a full primary series (mimus headstand) before going to see Tan Ngiap Heng’s ‘Dance Me Through The Dark’ exhibition at The Arts House.

(Official opening this evening at 7pm, but official means lots of people so–)

It was really quite incredible & I’m not just saying this because I like the guy.

You might assume that looking at pictures of dancers comes a poor second to watching dancers–but that’s not necessarily true. The framing & focusing of your attention makes you see not only details but also context, movement, texture, tone & relationships that you would/might otherwise miss.

The exhibition is very cleverly curated by Venka Purushothaman of Lasalle, to the extent that at points it was like walking through an installation art exhibit. Nothing could be further from standing, looking at photos on walls. The lighting, positioning, sizing… because what you can’t take for granted is what hooks you, these things catch you–

I suspect I would have enjoyed watching how other people reacted to the exhibition (to walk or not to walk, for example… when you reach the projector room you’ll see what I mean!)

We had a good talk for the first time in years–about dance/writing. About choices (life/career/relationships). About Edward de Bono & the L game… about future projects, about how far one should/can/has already prostituted what one sees as ‘art’ or ‘calling’ or even ‘talent’ to make cold cash…

For a straight guy with 2 engineering degrees he’s really extraordinarily sane & balanced–& nice.

Anyway, go catch Dance Me Through The Dark if you can, anyone who sees this! I’ll attach a link if I can find one… I head over to the museum first, so I know how important it is to get proper references.

Outside the Arts House I ran into Ruby L-Y who managed to lose her front license plate & was worrying about driving up to KL without it (!) Told her masking tape! After all, if masking tape helped the Allies win WWII it’s going to keep a license plate on her car… one of the staff found her some tape & I hope she makes it to a workshop & upcountry okay…

Last sms just in from her still sounds pretty chipper!!

Now I’m going to plunge back into writing, having got myself a new box file for print outs. But for everyone who may not have seen his earlier stuff–go look at Ngiap Heng’s exhibition!


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