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West Coast Morning

Was up early to do sun salutations & take a walk in West Coast Park…

What was good is that it’s really not crowded on weekday mornings & most of the construction has gone. What’s sad (haven’t been there for some time) is much of what used to be mangrove marshland is now earth-grass-sunlit stuff. Enough trees have been cut down & enough mulch & solids put down to make it look dense beneath the walkways.

Now one of the boardwalks doesn’t even reach the edge of the water, the other barely does. And you can see the trunks of the larger (non-mangrove) trees, leveled to the ground along with the cross sections of their expanding roots… no doubt to let more sunlight through & make people more at ease with the marsh gardens.

But that’s not what mangrove marshes really look like!

Never mind. There were some really nice looking fish.

And in the middle of the field, 3 lovely–either feral or abandoned-and-survived–dogs were stretching & rolling & sunning themselves on the grass, having a great time.

I sorted out my Chapters 1,2 & 3 in MacDonalds (why is it always easier to see the big picture in a public place…?) and am happier with them now even though it means scrapping a lot of previous stuff (I must stop telling too much!!!) and thought of going to look at Bollywood Veg in the afternoon…

Fortunately looked them up online first & learned they’re closed till 20th Feb (for Chinese New Year)

Plus they’re closed on Mondays and Tuesdays anyway.

So I’ll probably stay in & read/write/edit this afternoon…

Rats, and I filled up the tank & pumped up my tires all ready to go play…


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