Great Dogwalking Morning

It was a great morning at SPCA!

I took Valen & Mitchell out first. Sweet Valen went all the way to the furthest junction & wanted to go further but was pacified with some treats, Little Mitchell only wanted to walk as far as the school gates & then insisted on turning back. He’s more interested in other people & other dogs; wants to sniff them, make friends etc.

But best of all was, I took Samuel out after that.

Samuel is a fox terrier, but mostly white. He’s such a calm good dog that he actually sits & waits for you to slip the collar around his neck when he’s sees you’re holding a collar & leash… but it’s not because he’s not interested in walkies–he’s SO KEEN to get out, he leads you straight out but waits for you before crossing the road in front of SPCA…

We had a long walk, again reaching the far junction & even going onto the grassy patch there a little so he could sniff at the branches & tree trunks. I saw some new plants too. Usually along the roadside we just get lots of cow grass & occasional kanching baju or ‘shirt buttons’ spurting up.

But today, under the trees, because of the spurt of rains we’ve been having (& maybe public gardeners being off duty due to Chinese New Year) there were my favourite little yellow flowers–4 petals, 4 sepals, cluster of stamens, short tubular calyx, growing singly off the main stem at leaf axils. Anybody know what they are called?

And of course lots of little purple buds & fuzzy white puffs on branching stalks of Vernonia. They are called either Rumput Tahi Babi or Rumput Sepagi locally, I’ve been given both names… but the problem with ‘common’ names is, how do you decide which is more valid/more common? (Like my previous attenpt to pin down Java Moss that people told me was named ‘Singapore Moss‘ ‘Indonesian Moss‘ or even ‘Tanjong Rhu Moss‘…)

But the absolute best part–when I got back with Samuel, there was a couple (man & woman) waiting outside the shelter. I asked whether they were waiting to go in… it was just after 10 so they could.

The man said no, they were waiting for Samuel because they had just finished their paperwork & were taking him home!!!!

Then they fixed up more details & stuff while I washed his feet. And Gin came & put a new collar on on Samuel (he had a drink & some treats first) who nuzzled & said ‘hello’ to his new family. They seem like very nice people, Gin said. They came twice over the weekend to get to know him better first…

And then Samuel went home!!!

It felt so good. Sad, yes. Because if I had a great big garden & lots of time & money I would take him home… also Silver & Mitchell & Xiao Hei & the poor unknown doggie that was still in quarantine & howling in despair today… (you could tell he/she just could not believe what he/she was doing there–was trying to tell the whole world it’s a great mistake. The people I live with and love would never do this to me… please tell them where I am. They will come and rescue me…)

But I need time to write & afford to pay for the big garden & all those dogs… & cats & turtles & rabbits & fish.

Sometimes I wish I could just wipe out all the people who shop for pedigree pets & let things even out.

But then I remember there are good decent people too, and Samuel has gone to a good home.

Because was tired from all the walking, I did a short practice today… skipped some vinyasasas between sides & didn’t even try to go into the 2nd half of the seated postures.

But I figure any time on the mat is better than no time on the mat!

Bought wholemeal chappatis to warm up for dinner… will be making eggplant & tofu puff curry & shredding up some red cabbage & red onion in red wine vinegar & sesame oil with raisins (organic!) on the side… dragonfruit for dessert!

Cuz Phil told me about a cycling partner of his who may not be called Paul Yeoh (apparently his email address states that’s not his real name… something to that effect) who isn’t just into vegan foods but a raw vegan food chef right here in Singapore! I should find out where he’s located/if he’s still in business–Froggie would really be into this too.

Of course with me great luck the man will probably be running a business out of a farm off a bicycle track somewhere in the wilds of Kranji where no taxis venture…

Yes, yes, yes, I do intend to go see Ivy Singh-Lim’s farm there. I do do do want to. I just have to settle all my earthly possessions & responsibilities first in case I get lost (given my great sense of direction that will prob happen) & never make it out again.


3 Responses

  1. You love those dogs, don’t you? 🙂

    I think that’s a very good thing. I alway believe that people who can bring themselves to be cruel to animals will eventually end up being cruel to other humans.

    Ah, Bollywood Veg. I was there last year with some avid bird-watchers and it was crowded on a weekend. They were pretty adamant at first about not entertaining any special request or changes to the menu until I explained I was a vegetarian. They did, so I’m happy.

    Ivy Singh-Lim walking around with that knife/dagger strapped around her waist was a fun sight. I wonder if she still does that?

  2. Thanks Spidermon!! I actually know where Ulu Pandan is!!! Especially if it’s that stretch between Holland V & Clementi Road… Jelita is around there, & Pinegrove… I could actually manage that!

    And yes, I DO mean to go to Bollywood veg… I know they grow organic veggies–it’s just Extremely far to go to grab my weekly/daily supply so I keep figuring I have to grow my own…

  3. oh! happy to see that lost dogs can find new homes! its so encouraging : )

    paulyeoh is a genuine soul. last i met him, he was teaching raw food cuisine from the rec room of his apartment in ulu pandan.

    bollywood veggies is damn fun! erm… please bring the street directory! try the banana kueh – its unbeatable! oh, and the organic fertilizer made from batshit really works wonders on my papaya trees.

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