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Good Eyes For Yoga

Feeling good today–the result of getting back into routine, I suspect (writing/reading/yoga….)

Read Darkorph’s comment on how she takes off her glasses in the studio to help focus on practice… I used to too, but that was because my spectacles kept falling off during inversions.

It’s a bit inconvenient. You want your specs for balance (yes, I know the drishti don’t depend on 6/6 vision but still…) but you can’t do a sweaty downward doggie and not have specs slide/slip/lose themselves on all parts of the mat. And putting them around edges of mat doesn’t mean they don’t get stepped/jumped/sat/rolled on by yourself or the citizens of surrounding mats!

Anyway, I got myself lasiked. Last year.

Those who know me well know I’ve only got one decently functioning eye so this wasn’t something I went into lightly. But being able to do yoga practice without glasses/lenses played a Major part in tipping the equation. And apart from an icky moment when you actually smell what could be your lens burning it was surprisingly simple/effective and yes–totally worth it.

Of course it helped tremendously that it was a cousin–Ron Yeoh of Eye & Retina Surgeons @ Camden Medical–who did the actual procedure.

Why? Because I’m a big coward when it comes to anything I see as invasive & he explained everything two, three, four, five times… assured me I would not come out blind (I didn’t)… and tactfully forgot all my terrors once I could actually SEE without glasses.

And yes, it’s WONDERFUL being able to practice without glasses on!!!

Not to mention being able to shower without looking for somewhere to perch your specs… or have to blindly braille your way through the combination locks in the locker room after…

Plus (sorry, slipping in a plug for the eye & retina surgeons here…. Ron’s the cute one on the left… ) there’s not only free wireless in the camden waiting lounge–there are computers set up so geek freaks like me can check mail/play games/feed fluff pets while waiting. It feels more like an airport transit lounge than a clinic waiting room.

Believe it or not, the last time I remember feeling so good was when I got my first pair of spectacles. That was when I was going into Primary Five… about 10 years old?

My brother was starting school soon so since my parents had to take him to get his eyes checked they took me too. And it was discovered that though his eyesight was perfect I was very short sighted & very astigmatic.

My mum was very upset. I was a girl, she said–she assumed I would be like her & not need spectacles because girls shouldn’t.

Guess it was the first indication that I wasn’t turning out according to her plans!

(Incidentally, my dad also has very poor eyesight, so this shouldn’t have been so unexpected.)

But do think about it, Darkorphie! It really makes an incredible difference to the practice…


One Response

  1. I tried contacts a few years back . I found out interesting but useless info about the curvature (?) of my eyeballs being “flat” – so it’s recommended that I use permanent lenses and not disposables.

    Turns out my eyes dry out easily, and my eyes were infected because I failed to clean the lenses properly. A Chinese sinseh told me the eyes are the element of Fire, and I was definitely of a fiery constitution, hence the dry eyes.

    None of the above info is relevant to lasik though – but I put off the contacts for years because I was afraid of poking my own eyeballs.

    A friend of mine got her eyes lasiked. She described the sensation and it scared me. It involves slicing the eyeballs open? *Inwardly screaming ARGH!!!!*

    I am just too scared to try lasik.

    But does the perfect sight really help the drishti?

    I might try contacts again. Thanks.

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